Leaders have set seven goals of a comprehensive plan being charted for the boroughs of Jim Thorpe, Summit Hill and Lansford.

1. To protect the Western Carbon County Planning Area's quality lifestyle by maintaining and enhancing the historical and small town character of the three boroughs, and to recognize the abundant forest land and other open land as important elements of the local economy, character and scenic setting;

2. To develop a land use plan for the planning area that integrates all aspects of growth and development, including residential, commercial, industrial and open space;

3. To conserve streams, lakes and other natural resources and use the resources in a way to sustain the Western Carbon Planning Area's economy;

4. To provide for secure and sound housing in a variety of types and densities;

5. To ensure that community facilities and services are provided to meet planning area needs;

6. To establish and maintain an adequate circulation system to safely and efficiently move people and goods;

7. To protect historic resources as an important part of the planning area.