Vandals struck four Tamaqua locations within a square block late Monday night or early Tuesday morning by spraying orange and green gang graffiti on walls, windows, doors, and other areas.

Some of the buildings hit by the vandals were the Citizens Fire Company, Wachovia Bank, Trinity Church, and Tamaqua Train Station. Vandals made and used stencils to spray on the images.

Tamaqua Volunteers, a local volunteer initiative group, is posting a $500 reward for the first person that provides a court-used testimony that results in the arrest and conviction of any of the vandals. Tamaqua Volunteers President Andrew Leibenguth said, "There is no gang, just some idiots trying to get recognized. These vandals don't realize how severe their actions are. They painted a fire company, a church, and popular Tamaqua landmark. These vandals will be caught and held severely accountable."

Members from the Tamaqua Volunteers will be spending time over the next few days removing the graffiti. Tamaqua police are still investigating. Call police at (570) 668-5000 with any information regarding the vandalism.