On Nov. 2, 2009, U.S. Representative Timothy Holden visited Coaldale to announce a federal grant of $525,000 to replace 225 windows at St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital.

On a rainy Monday morning, Congressman Holden returned to St. Luke's Miners to view the progress with the window replacement project.

Holden (D-17), of St. Clair, stated that the funds for the renovations came as a 2010 federal energy and water appropriation signed by President Barack Obama for the U.S. Department and Energy and is being used towards the hospital's Energy Efficient Improvement Project.

The window replacements program is part of a comprehensive initiative to manage energy costs while improving facility infrastructure.

The new windows are made of hermetically-sealed insulated glass units that provide the highest level of insulation and daylight to enter the room. Most of the current windows were installed over 35 years ago and are in poor condition, lacking in proper sealing that allows for water leakage and heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer.

Ralph Richards, hospital administrator, led Holden on a tour of the window replacement project, also stopping to view other hospital renovations, such as with the new pulmonary therapy department.

Richards said the project is about one-third done and employs a crew of 15 workers as well as three boom units outside the hospital.

"It is always good to see the fruits of your labors," said Holden of the project's progress.

The total cost of the window replacement is $705,000, with the hospital absorbing the remainder of the cost.