Tom Keerans, councilman: "This will help our community in great strides."

Russ Banta, project manager, Slusser Bros.: "We'll be doing the sidewalks on both sides. Our focus right now is on safety, so that people can get into their homes in a safe manner. We're installing (temporary) ramps."

Nancy Lorchak, council vice president: "It was four years coming. It's good to see it come to fruition."

Sen. David G. Argall: "It's all about bringing jobs into the community. It's not just to make things look pretty."

State Rep. Jerry Knowles: "All of you are breathing new life into a community."

Sue Solt, council president: "Nancy worked so hard on this, along with Mike Hummel, Tom and Kathy Maruschak and others."

Dale Freudenberger, D&L Heritage Corridor: "We're here to celebrate improvements and to thank those who made it possible."