Motorists who traverse through Palmerton's main thoroughfare are certain to encounter a different traffic configuration.

Road work along Delaware Avenue is currently under way as part of a project to install catch basins, and figures to be completed within the next few days.

Borough manager Rodger Danielson said the catch basins are necessary due to sidewalk ramps that were installed to be ADA-compliant which essentially lowered the sidewalk and made a huge pond of water.

"Otherwise, the kids crossing the street were always coming across the water," Danielson said. "We're shooting for Thursday to have our part done."

While work is under way, Danielson cautioned motorists to pay attention to where they're going.

As that project is under way, so too is another one by the state Department of Transportation that will install new support beams to the borough park creek.

"There's two jobs going on right in the same block," Danielson said. "They (PennDOT) will be there for about a month."