An afternoon pep rally at Franklin Elementary School gave the elementary students a chance on Friday to learn which sports and band activities are available to them when they reach high school.

The students learned about football, track, volleyball, cheering and how they can join the band as part of the afternoon's activities.

Several of the students were singled out to participate, such as running cross country track and how to tap a volleyball as several members of the high school teams cheered the younger students on during the exhibition. Later, some of the young boys and girls learned how to perform cheers with the Lehighton High School cheerleaders.

The event was planned to encourage the younger students to attend sporting events right now. As part of the package, the students were given passes to attend the upcoming football game that evening when Lehighton faces Stroudsburg.

The volleyball team also invited to students to see them play.

The students were all wearing their dark maroon spirit shirts that proudly displayed the school's name.