Silberline is gearing up for the Holiday Season by conducting its fourth annual holiday greeting card contest.

The global organization, headquartered in Hometown, began the practice by soliciting submissions from the children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews of (active and retired) Silberline employees. Age categories were:

- 13 through to and including 16

- 9 through to and including 12

- 6 through to and including 8

- And 5 and under

One card from each age group was selected as the winner for that age range.

The budding artists were instructed to develop the greeting card incorporating silver and Silberline's logo into the artwork. The children were to develop an original illustration, while keeping in mind the global nature of the Company. The theme of the card was to be non-denominational in content. Additionally, the children could not use photographs, cut-out pictures, or computer generated images.

Judging the competition were Dina Depos, Jeff Rimm, and Ray Swartz, all Tamaqua residents. Dina, Jeff and Ray are well known local artists who have had several art showings at the Tamaqua Art Gallery.

A $100 check, made payable to the charity of their choice, was presented to each judge as a "thank you" for assisting in this project.

This year's contest brought together 40 colorful and innovative entries from Silberline's global locations. All the children who submitted an entry received a gift card as a "thank you" for their participation.

The winners included: Hunter Ruch (5 and under category) and Tyler Ruch (ages 13 through 16 category), sons of Duane Ruch, Hometown; Lily Nowak (ages 6 through 8 category), daughter of Jim Nowak, Tidewood; and Huntre Keip (ages 9 through 12 category), niece of Jill Zwiesdak, Hometown.