Dear Editor:

This world is under threat. When they flew the two airplanes into the Trade Center and one was heading for the White House, the president made sure he wasn't in the White House. Now, schools are threatening to close until the budget is balanced.

And now, we're getting sewage after a couple of years. The state is trying to threaten the township, or maybe later pay a fine. If the state thinks the township should have a sewer so bad, then why don't they put the main line in and we hook up, if the price is right? The state already has the taxpayers money, the township has the taxpayers money, and is going to charge the taxpayers more money. These people do not realize how it's hurting people. We're getting tax upon tax, and the average person does not realize it. It's way out of hand.

Herman Bollinger,

Lower Towamensing Township