The health and medical program at the Carbon Career and Technical Institute received "Best Practice" recognition by the Pennsylvania State Board of Nursing. That new was delivered to CCTI's Joint Operating Council during its normal monthly meeting on Thursday by Principal Brent Borzak.

The entire program was examined, from curriculum to hours to the facility, earning a lot of praise with few recommendations on how to better the course, Borzak said.

The Pennsylvania Department of Education conducts the evaluation to ensure that programs meet standards set for state certification. The program encompasses clinical studies as well as academics, ensuring that students gain hands-on skills as well as important classroom instruction.

The program currently has 40 students enrolled, 20 in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. CCTI keeps a 10 student to one instructor ratio to ensure quality in the health medical program.

Once the students complete the program they receive their Certified Nursing Assistant degree, allowing them to work in a variety of environments from nursing homes, private care facilities, in home care, to hospitals. Borzak said that many of the students CCTI trains remain in our area, working in a variety of types of health care facitilities.

CCTI has agreements with St. Luke's Hospital, Blue Mountain Hospital, as well as many nursing homes that allow the students to get real life experience while completing their certification.

For more information on the Health and Medical program or any of their education courses check out the CCTI website