Success in the classroom can result in perks that otherwise may not have been realized.

Northern Lehigh High School seniors witnessed that firsthand during a Celebration Breakfast Tuesday in the high school cafeteria.

The breakfast was run in conjunction with American Education Week, according to instructor Renee Evans.

Evans said the celebration breakfast was part of an incentive program to reward 101 seniors who demonstrated academic growth on their Pennsylvania System of State Assessment scores from Grade 8 to Grade 11.

As part of the program, the seniors received a hot breakfast and a raffle ticket for prizes drawn throughout.

"The feedback from the students about the breakfast was very positive," Evans said.

The initiative also follows one of the Action Plans under a Student Performance Objective with Middle States Accreditation, according to Evans, who also serves as the Internal Coordinator at the high school for the Middle States Accreditation for Growth protocol that just recently received approval.

Evans said the high school staff endured a two-year Self-Study, and received its official Middle States Accreditation as a result of that process.

The process was coordinated by Evans, who was assigned the role by administration in the Spring of 2007.

"Now, the most important part begins to unfold, and that is the implementation of the plan," said Evans, who added that the district's action plans over the next seven years need to be implemented. "We need to show evidence to our implementation plan, and this breakfast just marks one step in a seven-year process."

The committee who organized the breakfast consisted of high school Principal Aileen Yadush, along with instructors Julie Everett, Tanya Simms and Evans.

Evans coordinated the breakfast with the high school cafeteria staff, Simms designed the personalized invitations, and Everett and Evans contacted businesses in the community and obtained 50 donations for the ongoing raffle during the breakfast.

Also in attendance was Karen Nicholas, district assistant to the superintendent.