The Tail Waggin' Tutors, a division of Therapy Dogs International, visited the Palmerton Area Library. Their representative was Angel Cake, a 3-year-old Havanese dog. The five-pound dog traces it genealogy to Cuba.

She lives with her mistress, Christine Sequino of Nazareth. When a dog is one year old it is eligible for testing as a therapy dog.

When Angel Cake saw a stranger at the library she "talked" to them in a manner that was almost a low growl, but for her it was a friendly greeting.

When people came to the Tail Waggin' program they asked about Barney, the dog that usually comes to Palmerton. However, Angel Cake was substituting. Barney is fine and may be back at another time.

Children chose the book they wanted to read and Angel Cake rested on a blanket on the table as the book was read.

Any child wanting to read to a dog can register at the library. The Tail Waggin' Tutors visit the second Saturday of each month at 11 a.m.