Councilman David Hawk, chairman of the Nesquehoning budget committee, reported that tentatively the tax increase for next year will advance one half mill. This news came at Wednesday evening's council meeting.

Representatives of Lehigh Engineering and associates were also on hand Wednesday to answer any last minute questions pertaining to the solar park being built. John Curtis told the council members that "We are going to do this as green as possible. There is a solar park in Florida ( East Coast) that is twice the size of this one."

During the visitors segment, Michael Matalone asked council, again what is being done about the old vacant homes in his neighborhood. The one M&T Bank pulled out of their foreclosure. Frank DiMiceli, councilman, said they should get prices to tear the one house down. Atty Robert Yurchak, solicitor, will ask the owner and the bank to turn the house over to the borough and then they will have it torn down.

Tom Merman still questioned the paper road between High and Railroad Streets. He said he would like to know where council is at on it.

Council then went into executive session. After returning they made a motion to advertise the Landlord/Tenant Ordinance for the borough.

Bertha Shreffler resigned as a crossing guard at Panther Valley Elementary School. Her resignation was accepted.

Council will purchase for the police force smallhandbooks priced at $22 each that they can carry with them and refer to them for information.

There will be no increases in the Sewer rate for 2010.

Councilman DiMicelisaid that $1000 was donated from Jim Thorpe National Bank for cameras for the police cars and more letters will be mailed out to more hopeful donors for the cause.

Mark Stromelo, councilman, reported that the sanitation bills will not be increased for 2010 and that thepickers must wear their reflective gear. Council purchased anLED light stick including control box for safety reasons for the garbage truck.

Dawn Jacobs was accepted to the Recreation Commission pending the approval of the group.

Upon a request from the Lake Hauto Club the fire company will lend a hand to back flush the dry fire hydrants, but will not flush out a pipe on Great Oaks Drive.

Mayor Tony Walck said that 40 Nesquehoning residents will be receiving Thanksgiving baskets this year from the Nesquehoning Recreation Committee. The youths will prepare them on Sunday evening. On December 19 thegroup will travel to MapleShade Meadows Assisted Living Center to greet the guests andpresentthem with Christmas gifts.