A Tamaqua man has been cited after he allegedly failed to fulfill a contract to repair a vehicle.

Scott Lee Barron, 40, of 307 Race St., entered into a contract with Carmen McGlothlin to repair her son's vehicle. Barron received a down payment of $335 on Oct. 12. He was given an additional $60.

Barron and McGlothlin then went to the Tamaqua Advanced Auto Parts Store to purchase the needed parts. McGlothlin paid $228.70 for a clutch kit that had to be special ordered with a delivery date of Oct. 22.

On that date Barron went to the auto parts store and picked up the clutch kit. Several hours later he returned the item and was given the refunded money telling the clerk the part was not needed and the cash was his payment for services rendered.

McGlothlin was unable to reach Barron despite repeated attempts. She then contacted the auto parts store and learned of the switch and called police.

Barron is being charged with theft be deception and receiving stolen property.