Dear Editor:

On October 22 an arson fire destroyed three deserted houses on Orwigsburg St. in Tamaqua and threatened to consume our parents home. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the Tamaqua Fire Departments, Fire Chief Tom Schlorf, and the neighboring Fire Departments for their valiant and heroic efforts in saving our family home.

Due to their selflessness, bravery, training, and committment, our parents are able to return to the neighborhood they have loved for 54 years. It is only through the grace of God and the bravery of the firemen that the damage was minimal.

We would also like to thank the American Red Cross and Andy Liebenguth for his compassion and assistance during a difficult time.

The fire police were an integral part of keeping order and for that we are grateful.

To the neighbors and many friends, we thank you for your care, concern, offers of assistance, support and prayers. To their neighbors, we offer our heartfelt thanks for the love they have shown our parents.

Lastly, people come in and out of your life at different times and you never know how important they may be to you. Those people, Mr. John Heffelfinger and Officer Weaver, with no regard for their own safety, were able to locate our parents in their bedroom and lead them to safety. The extended Camerini family will always be deeply indebted to them.

With deepest respect to all,

Danny and MaryAnn (Camerini) Deeble Tamaqua

Joe and Adel Camerini Centreville, MD

Marlon and Patti (Camerini) Kohan Palmerton