The saying that Santa can be everywhere at once is definitely a fact at the home of Erma Warne of New Ringgold.

Warne has spent almost 20 years growing her massive collection of more than 500 Santa Clauses.

Her home is covered from top to bottom with Jolly Old St Nick. She has Santa Claus figurines, cookie jars, dolls, toys, snow globes, banks, lamps, instruments, drawings, lights, candles, illustrations, and so much more.

Some Santas sing, while others dance. Some also play instruments. One mechanical Santa even opens up his stomach to reveal miniature children ice skating around a holiday rink.

Her collection, in addition to Jolly Old St Nicholas, also consists of a couple hundred Mrs. Clauses.

When asked about her favorite, she states, "They are all my favorite. Each has its own joyous story."

Warne's passion for Father Christmas has routinely inspired her family, friends, and even curious people to spend hours in her home admiring her massive holiday collection.

"It's a hobby worth collecting. Santa always cheers people up and brings so much love to everyone," she said.