Jim Thorpe National Bank describes itself as the "financial cornerstone of the community."

The bank is also proving itself to be a solid building block for veterans of Coaldale by donating money to help offset the costs of a mural at the borough's Women's Memorial Garden, adjacent to the Veteran's Memorial Garden.

The bank has donated $1,000 for the mural, on top of an earlier $500 contribution toward the Veteran's Memorial Garden.

"As we go through the years, we'll look at contributing more," said bank CEO Craig Zurn. "This is what we do as a community bank. We like to support the community, and to recognize our service men and women. This was an easy decision for our board to make. It really is an important project to the community. We're proud to be a part of that project."

The bank has a branch at 100 E. Phillips, Coaldale. That's next door to the Veteran's Memorial Garden, a small, graceful park with red brick walkways, granite columns listing those who served and those who died.

Tucked behind the granite pillars is a Women's Memorial, with a wishing well and a mural, painted by Coaldale artist Susan Frendak. The mural depicts the likeness of the Vietnam Women's Memorial in Washington, DC.

The 8-by-12 foot mural depicts an army nurse comforting a dying soldier.

The Women's Memorial Garden was designed by Bill Gaddes of Lake Hauto, a former Coaldale resident and a veteran, who designed the Veterans' Memorial. The Women's Memorial will "honor Gold Star Mothers and all women," Gaddes has said.

"Not only those who served or are serving in the military, but those who loved and waited, and those who provided critical support to our military," he added.

In addition to the Wishing Well, with its granite images of Gold Star Mothers, and the mural, the Memorial will feature a Gold Star Mothers walkway with the names of 54 borough women whose sons or daughters gave their lives in military service.

"We are grateful for the support of our neighbor here in Coaldale, the Jim Thorpe National Bank. Thank you for your continued support of our efforts to honor veterans and the women who loved them," said Women's Memorial Committee secretary Millie Flyzik.