The Environmental Advisory Council of Kidder Township has been working on a book that will be free to the public.

The "Blue Green Book" as the KTEAC is calling the book will be a comprehensive guide on how homeowners can be environmentally friendly.

The Kidder Township Environmental Advisory Council has been working on the book for the last few years. It is based on similar books from Massachusetts and Washington State. The "Blue Green Book" should be in production by the spring of 2010 pending funding.

The KTEAC has taken great care to ensure that the information is as thorough and up to date to ensure the longest shelf life. The focus of the book is "to have basic household hints about septic systems, lakes, rivers and streams; an environmental handbook for people" according to Larry Gould. This is another attempt by the Kidder Township Environmental Advisory Council to pass along information to homeowners and visitors in the most effective way. The book is written towards an 8th grade level making it easy for adults and older children to read and understand.