With the arrival of Winter weather, Tamaqua residents are reminded of borough rules concerning sidewalks and snow removal from the streets.

Property owners are required to maintain a clear path, at least three feet wide, on sidewalks. Snow must be removed from these pathways within 24 hours of the end of a snowstorm. Snow, ice and other materials may not be thrown into the streets. Fines may be imposed on anyone caught throwing snow or ice into the street or who fails to maintain a snow free pathway.

Periodically throughout the Winter season, borough work crews will perform snow removal operations on various streets. Streets selected for snow removal will be posted at least 24 hours in advance. Work will usually begin at 4 a.m., but the starting time will depend on work schedules and weather conditions.

Once a street has been posted, residents must move their vehicles until the snow removal operation is done on that street. Violators may have their vehciles ticketed or towed at the owner's expense.