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Outdoors Feature

Submitted by <p>By Lisa Price</p><p>tnsports@ptd.net</p> on Sat, 07/21/2018 - 00:06

YouTube, You will Catch – learn with Lehighton’s Josh Taylor

If you’ve watched YouTube “how to” videos, you already know that some videos have tendencies of wandering off topic. You won’t find that tendency when you watch the outdoor videos posted by Lehighton’s Josh Taylor. Rarely has one person crammed so much information – and action – into such a short video.

I recently watched Taylor’s YouTube video about fishing from shore, filmed at Beltzville Lake. The video is 5 minutes, 50 seconds, and it is loaded with tips, tactics and techniques for better success fishing from shore.

During the video, Taylor reels in a catfish, smallmouth bass and striped bass. The tactic? He used a portable sonar device called “Deeper Sonar” which can be linked to a cell phone. The device is cast using regular fishing tackle, and while it is reeled back to the angler it transmits information about water depth, structure and fish sightings.

“You have to find the right spot, and sometimes people don’t have a fishing boat, with sonar – this is the solution for that,” Taylor said. “Deeper Sonar” can be purchased at Dunkleberger’s Sports Outfitters; Taylor is on pro staff for the store. “I love fishing for striped bass from shore, probably my favorite species to target from shore, and getting information about the water is very important.”

On the video, Taylor catches a four-pound smallmouth bass, admires the fish and returns it to the water. Just five minutes later (compressed on the video), he lands a gorgeous 13-pound striper. In fact, using the Deeper Sonar, in a 15-minute span from shore, Taylor landed four nice fish (a catfish, two smallmouth bass and one striper).

He and editor/producer George Schauer post a new video in the Pocono Outdoors Guy series every two weeks. Taylor is also a pro staff member for Revolution Trolling Spoons and Deeper Sonar.

Not bad for a guy who never touched a fishing rod until his family moved to Lehighton in 2003. Taylor, born in England, is a graduate of Lehighton High School. In addition to fishing at Beltsville, he also loves to fish the Susquehanna River and various waters in the New Tripoli area.

He’s hoping to expand the topics covered in the Pocono Outdoors Guy series and include other outdoor activities available in our area. He also plans to travel a bit to experience other outdoor adventures, possibly salmon fishing.

There’s only one thing Taylor loves more than catching fish – putting them back.

“I’m actually allergic to fish; can’t eat them,” he said. “But that’s not a factor in the decision to put them back – you put them back and they’ll be there for someone else to catch and enjoy.”

Want to watch some of Josh Taylor’s fishing videos? On YouTube, check out the Pocono Outdoors Guy, Outdoor Sportsman Video Series; and also MidWest Outdoors, episode #1690, which features the recent segment on fishing at Beltzville Lake.