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Wolf: Early stats show drop in overdose deaths

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    Gov. Tom Wolf, center, listens to trainer Elvis Rosado, right, of Philadelphia-based Prevention Point on how to administer a nasal spray that reverses an opioid overdose during a demonstration in Wolf’s Capitol offices, Wednesday, May 22, 2019, in Harrisburg, Pa. Looking on is Paul Tufano, CEO of AmeriHealth Caritas, a Medicaid insurer that sponsors training. (AP Photo/Marc Levy)

Published May 23. 2019 08:51AM


HARRISBURG (AP) — Gov. Tom Wolf says preliminary statistics are pointing to a decrease in overdose deaths in Pennsylvania last year, as his administration suggests the opioid crisis might be starting to wane in some parts of the state.

Wolf spoke Wednesday as he participated in a training session on how to administer a nasal spray that reverses an opioid overdose.

Wolf says physicians are issuing fewer opioid prescriptions and doctor-shopping is over, thanks to a 2016 law that requires prescribers to check a state database before issuing an opioid prescription to a new patient.

Wolf’s administration says more robust health care outreach and law enforcement programs are paying dividends. It’s also made the anti-overdose medication naloxone regularly available at most pharmacies in Pennsylvania, at little or no cost for those with insurance.


It's more likely the decline is a result of the enhanced border security, which has nothing to do with Tom Wolf, or any other Democrat. Sorry to bust your bubble Tom.
Here's another example of the AP giving credit, where credit ain't due.
Build that wall, and keep all of America free of all the evil coming across that border.
Dear Trump Humpr',

Border Security has zero to do with the downfall of opioid use, nice try though. If you knew anything about the issue, you'd know that only 25% of opioids come from the border. The rest is all prescribed here in the good ol' USA.
Dear JBJ,
Rude insinuations are a weak man’s imitation of strength. Your reply wreaks of weakness.
Let's do some math with your data. In 2014, 47,055 people died from overdose equaling around 125 Americans each day. 25% would be only 93 deaths per day. Most Republicans cherish life, that 25% figure represent lives JBJ.
Have a pleasant day.
Hey juke box jelly what a gay handle. Your the freaking idiot it’s mostly the illegals & Mexicans pushing this crap. Build the wall MAGA. I can’t wait for your head to explode when Trump wins re-election. You liberals can all go live in SF with all your queer friends & trannys & baby killers & maybe God will intervene & the big earth quake will happen & SF will break off of the main land & you can live on your own little country of liberal land ha ha!!???
Actually, I'm an educated republican, great intimidation tactics though. I greatly apologize that the facts are to much for you to handle. One recommendation though, you should really work on your grammar.
A truly "educated" one, can differentiate the words "too", and "to", allowing for proper usage.
This from just an uneducated ham-n-egg'r, from little ole Walnutport, PA
Good Day JBJ
Come back soon
Hi JBJ. Did you ever see a 3 walled castle? I bet you have not. When you have to defend your precious family/nation you set up an effective perimeter. Why defend 3 walls when an enemy could just walk right in after they see an open area. Whether these particular Opioids came from the porous border or a Dr.’s office is a matter of conjecture irrelevant to the dead individual. Both sources have weak areas that could be addressed. If the borders are effectively sealed and Dr.’s offices apply corrective measures, then this stuff will end, 100%. 25% is not enough. On the bright side my mother-in-law just had knee replacement surgery and got a limit of 10 days supply of Opioid pain killers. It appears that some corrective measures are being put in place. Also, this site is for polite social discourse. I understand emotions run high, especially if you know a victim...or two. Also, remember if you want to be respected, you must first give respect.
Ha ha Joe. All hate of Trump all of the time. You have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump is great. Wait until FISA stuff gets released. MAGA. Joe, you are mistaking a border or perimeter wall which secures a country’s boundary with a castle wall which surrounds a fortress for protection from all directions. You are playing ignorant to drag this out. You are good at playing ignorant.

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