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Way out of hand

Published May 23. 2019 01:38PM

It’s a right for a woman to decide what to do with her body. That’s a phrase I can live without hearing ever again. If a person tries to commit suicide, why does he/she have to get counseling, be committed for a period of time, be watched over because they might hurt themselves? Isn’t that their right to choose what they want to do with their body?

Why can’t strong men beat up others? Isn’t that their right to use their bodies as they please? Why is it illegal to kill our children perhaps at the age of 2 when we’ve realized that they are an inconvenience? Why is it offensive that a commercial on TV which shows a baby in the uterus responding to what’s being advertised because it looks too much like a baby? Don’t they get it, it is a baby.

This business of abortion is way out of hand. I can think of a few rare exceptions when a doctor might advise the woman it is best not to complete the pregnancy, but abortions have become as normal as getting a tooth filled. What happened to do no harm? Doctors, isn’t that a part of the Hippocratic oath? Just because it became a law that it’s all right to kill babies inside of mothers doesn’t make it OK. God gave us many gifts, one of which is that women can have babies; that doesn’t give women the right to use that gift and proclaim it is their choice. Don’t you fathers of those babies have any say? It’s clear the babies have no say and no life to live.

I say — go ahead and do what you want with YOUR body but don’t kill the baby, the life growing inside you. Biologically, you are the incubator; if your baby were in an incubator, would you be allowed to destroy the baby then? There was a time when women felt guilty after they had an abortion; now, it is totally justified. The law says so, the press says so, politicians say so. What does your conscience say, or can’t you hear it any more? What have you accomplished in life that never would’ve happened had you been aborted? And that includes your good deeds, your successes, your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren.

Frances Stahl,

A woman, a mother, a grandmother


The destruction of an American's Constitutional Rights is getting out of hand. The 14th Amendment is just as important as the 2nd amendment. I choose not exercise my 2nd amendment rights. You choose to exercise your 14th amendment right.
Anti-Constitutional trumpites don't get to choose for us. Mind your own..
Nice post Frances. Thank you. I fully agree with you. Unfortunately, you will find those that can not conduct themselves properly on a public forum. Such individuals, as DO above, indicate a level of mental instability unprovoked by you. This nut job, DO, has been thrown off of here before for rude vulgar behavior. Please do not take offense by DO. DO has no respect for life at all. I have witnessed DO laud the death of Police Officers, Military Personnel and others. Life is precious, I always felt. The only abortion I support is that of DO. DO, this nice lady took the time to share her sincere opinion. You were nasty and rude. It is time you get tossed off of here DO. You just make a jerk of yourself.
We don’t need government intrusion in highly personal decisions. It’s an issue of a woman’s body because we have politicians, mostly men, trying to force a woman to carry to term. Liberty means not applying your morality on everyone.

In the words of justice Kavanaugh, Roe v Wade is settled precedence. Let’s move on to finding ways to decrease abortions through education and other strategies.
Joe come on. You try to project you morality on President Trump. Is that perhaps your version of Liberty? Is your opposition research also your version of Liberty? Life is precious. In this world today life is reduced in value to almost nothing. People should engage in personal responsibility. Abstinence, counseling & birth control should be of utmost importance. Abortion should be a last resort (rape, mother’s health, etc) rather than a first choice. Every life is precious. This recent Democrat trend toward third trimester abortion and infanticide is shameful.
My suggestions are far more effective than your big government solutions. Even if Kavanaugh was lying and votes to overturn roe v wade, there will still be legal abortions in most of the country. The desire to decrease abortion is great, but trying to solve it with big government is silly.
The evolution of abortion continues in this land now void of absolute truth. We are living in relativism, and relativism takes down our most valuable resource. In a relative way, those same who concern over separating child from mom at our boarder, see nothing wrong with ripping baby from womb inside the boarders. Perhaps we need to call these unborn... undocumented. Yeah, because those relativists (Dems) would then embrace them. The (Dems) would help them through the birth canal to the other side instead of killing before they even get to that boarder.
Here's something to consider. We've killed 60,000,000 lives since Roe/Wade. That's 60 million incomes destroyed. Incomes that these socialists could be taxing.
Or... consider this... 60 million voters. After all, it's all about votes for Dems.
Just my thoughts. In memory to those martyred for the god of self, I ask God's forgiveness on this country.
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and oppose those who toss aside the absolutes.
Always with the partisan attacks. I’ll remind you I’m not a democrat.

There are other ways to decrease abortions in this country that would be far more effective than trying to criminalize something that is well established as constitutional. Let’s stop fighting birth control and education. Let’s support private industry developing better and easier to comply with forms of BC. I have always found that industry can more effectively impact societal issues than big government laws. No more laws that prohibit schools from teaching “abstinence only”. If we stop trying to legislate Christianity and big government I’m certain you will see less abortion.
How is abortion established as constitutional?
Abortion is not a constitutional right according to the strict text of the Constitution, but it has been justified as a constitutional right under the Fourth Amendment’s protection of privacy. In short, the constitutional right to abortion is found not in the Constitution itself, but in a loose reading of it.
You anti‑lifers simply use the ‘right’ to privacy as a license to abuse ― and kill ― other human beings. This is not a constitutional right to abortion but rather a twisting of the language of the Constitution for ideological purposes.
You're not representing well Joe, just saying.
The issue isn’t pro-life vs anti-life . Trying to take a complex issue and turn it into a dyad might make it simpler for you, but it’s not reality.

In case you haven’t noticed, the constitution doesn’t cover every possible scenario in the world 200+ years later. The Supreme Court established it as a constitutional right under interpretation of the constitution. Precedence is everything, especially when that precedence has been tested over and over. As a country we have always used birth as the moment you become a person and a citizen, not date of conception so you have this precedent also. You might not like it but this is how the FF set up our republic.

So again, even if Kavanaugh flip flops on roe v wade, abortion still remains legal in all states that have not passed laws to criminalize. You know well that most in this country support abortion rights or you wouldn’t be accusing Democrats of just trying to get votes. That popular support will mean that abortion isn’t going anywhere. So my advice is to stop focusing on roe v wade and start thinking about how you prevent unwanted pregnancies. Hint: abstinence education doesn’t work! Outlawing birth control doesnt work either!
You're not representing well Joe... Just Saying.
The founding fathers could never have imagined we would end up killing 60 MILLION BABIES for the love of self! 200 years isn't that long a period to where we lost history. Precedence is everything if it suits your argument Joe. Leaning on precedence weakens your stand for... anything. You're like that political windsock being blown this way and that by relative winds of precedence.
The best way to avoid unwanted pregnancies among the reprobates? Homosexuality. See how that ends. That gene that causes a man to want to lie down with another man will eventually be destroyed. The civilized ones will be taught how to behave, just not in the government school, as you see, it's there where Planned Parenthood has set up a system of Birf Control, that's designed to fail.
The forefathers certainly did protect against babies being killed. But abortion does not deal in babies, it deals with embryos (10 weeks or less) and fetuses (until birth). Oxford dictionary:

a very young child, especially one newly or recently born:

Definitions matter in legal arguments. Most often an abortion is the removal of an embryo, who has no legal standing. They have potential but are not a baby.

You can close your eyes to reality but abortion is going nowhere so let’s all work together for real solutions.
Btw, kindly cite the source of 60,000,000 abortions. Being that there are privacy laws that prevent the reporting of abortions, I’m assuming you must be using a made up number.
Does it matter? We are killing human beings. We devalue life if it's just one life, what's it matter? One side values life (pro-life) and the other chooses to just discard and throw it away (anti-life). My money, through taxes, support those who are anti-life, and I have no choice in the matter, so they are anti-choice. Those same now will take my money and kill even after birth. SICK! Because the side effect of abortion is depression, I'll help pay the results of that too! You are on the wrong side Joe. You are not on the same side that Rand Paul or Ron Paul are. You are digging in deeper and deeper. Why? Who's your master?
I don’t consider any politician my master. However, my position is 100% libertarian. From the Libertaruan platform:

"Recognizing that abortion is a sensitive issue and that people can hold good-faith views on all sides, we believe that government should be kept out of the matter, leaving the question to each person for their conscientious consideration."
How in God's Name can I stay out of abortion, when they fund Planned Parenthood with tax dollars? People sear their consciences Joe. They can do that, because the propaganda and lies of Planned Parenthood, which is funded with some of my money! How's that hard to understand?
And when you buy a car the profits go to a company that in turn has an Insurance policy that funds abortion, and contraception. I don’t have a problem with finding ways that prevent direct funding of abortion but unless you go off the grid and live off the land you will always find some 6 steps of separation to abortion funding.
Stick to your guns Meyers. You are right. Joe, you compare abortions to car sales. People create those insurance policies based upon public opinion. Where is your morality now Joe? The Libertarian view seems to be stick head in sand and ignore anything beyond the basics. In a Candyland view that is great. Life is more complicated than that. Maybe that is why you just have a superficial view of things. MAGA!
Get real Joe. Kindly activate your brain before you ask for sources. Data is collected from health organizations of actual and estimated abortions. Of course the word “estimated” involves conjecture. You attack Meyers about the 60M #. Who are you Joe? Let me answer for you. You like to argue every little point. I wonder if you have many friends? Do you argue numerous times a day? Are you a know it all (we sure dissolved that here) that forces every issue? Are you excessively argumentative? Are you accusatory? (You must be using a made up #) Are you perpetually frustrated? I think 3 years of Trump Derangement Syndrome is getting to you. You are being consumed by your own hatred. You are not noticing big things as you magnify imaginary things. Your priorities are getting reversed. You are also losing your efficiency as you are making errors in capitalization, spelling, and grammar. No charge for this evaluation. President Trump is defeating you. President Trump is Pro-Life. President Trump will save the next 60M babies from you. MAGA! America is Great!
Right Joe. You are a fraud to yourself. It is about time you realize it. You were a bit slow to notice the dark times the attempted coup and Trump resistance has caused on our Republic. Just wait as this data is released. Don’t worry President Trump will win!
That is right,Joe, you are a self proclaimed genius with tremendous gaps in knowledge and understanding. Frankly, I wish you were smarter. I am getting bored with beating you in debate all of the time. Now, frequently, we review the same stuff. It is a waste of my valuable time to go over archived information to show you Joe. You are stuck in neutral while we all hope for intellectual advancement. Do you have any family that can help you? Maybe those military cousins?Nah, they disagree with you too. I was hoping for more of an intellectual challenge from you. Rush Limbaugh- defeating Liberals with half my brain tied behind my back.
As predicted, SCOTUS is not willing to serve up GOP candidates for dinner by tackling Roe Vs Wade. The court is allowing the ruling of the lower courts that the Indiana abortion laws are unconstitutional and will not take them up. Roe vs Wade is established precedence, and this ruling further cements that.

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