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Voters adapting to paper ballots

Published November 05. 2019 03:02PM

It seems residents adapted to Carbon’s new voting procedure with little trouble Tuesday.

“It was easy,” Cameron Kocher, a Lehighton resident who said he wasn’t aware the process had changed until he went to cast his vote at the Mahoning Valley Volunteer Fire Company, said.

“I don’t pay attention to politics too much, but I figured with all the stuff going on, it’s good to go out and vote,” he added.

The county’s election board decided in June to purchase new voting machines, pending approval from commissioners.

With that purchase also came a switch to paper ballots, which voters were instructed on Tuesday to fill out in marker and scan. The new practice is in line with Gov. Tom Wolf’s 2018 order requiring a paper record for votes cast.

There were complaints of bleeding markers that complicated the process of voting for write-ins, which some polling places, like the American Legion in Lehighton, alleviated by also offering black pens.

Besides a scanning machine that jammed for about 15 minutes, Harry Procina, judge of elections at the legion said, the process was going “very well.”

“We ran 118 through with no problem,” Procina said.

In Monroe County, the administrator of the new voting system differs, but the process mirrors Carbon’s.

Sara May-Silfee, director of elections, said early on, there were issues with getting the ballots properly scanned, but that goes along with the learning curve.

“It’s different, definitely,” May-Silfee said.

Lisa Dart, director of elections for Carbon County, said people had questions on starting up and being worried about needing to use sharpies. “Overall not a bad start,” she said.

The board hit its aim to have the machines in time for Tuesday’s election; it’s all in preparation for the big one set to take place one year from now, according to Commissioner William O’Gurek, who said the board wanted the new systems in place for the 2020 presidential election.

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It was ok. But when a lady working there asked a guy his party. Then starting to talk politics she crossed the line
Sharpies being used in Penn Forest.
They bleed through. Can't wait for the controversy! The new hanging chad!
Sure easy today with low turnout.Lets see how it works out in 2020 when people who don't usually vote in mid terms and off years show up. I predict very long lines,some people are saying longest lines ever.
Times News is claiming 3 openings in Carbon County commissioner race yet the ballot said only vote for 2. Anyone anyone?
Nov 1, 2019 TN article by Marc Levy. R legislature passed new voting reforms.
Any one may use mail in ballots now. That might avoid the long lines in 2020.
Just remember why we have this paper ballot mess. In 2015 the Trump campaign became aware that Russia was meddling in our election but because they were doing so for the benefit of their candidate, they didn't report it to the FBI, secret service Homeland Security...nobody! They took meetings with the Russians and encouraged more meddling. Once in office trump tried to convince us all that Russian meddling never happened. As a result there have been no moves made on a federal level to combat further meddling so the states are left to fix it without funding.
WJOE Confusion and Entertainment 24 hrs a day.
This voting machine mess is a result of the demands of Governor Wolf.
And if I were a 400 pound hacker...
For more updates, tune to WJOE
When homeland security tells the state that they have been the target of election hacking and that their system is vulnerable, isn't it reasonable that the governor work to protect our election? Unfortunately the GOP in the state blocked the efforts to have better machines all year forcing the state to do these paper ballots.
The Governor was influenced more from Fake News. There is no incident of hacking in PA. Now if a 400 lb hacker lying in his bed....
Come on Joe. Hey Joe, do you know that 400 lb hacker?
Joe, can you hack in to a machine through an AC Outlet?
Perhaps the battery?
Wrong, PA was a target of hacking.

Also trump advised that we go to the machines Wolf is moving us to:

trump who?
trump had to cough up $90M of our money, and that bugs me too, especially after spending yesterday trying to keep the line moving. Chaos.
I see the Times News moderated my one comment because they don't like the truth. They interviewed a complete moron who shows just how ignorant people are when it comes to voting.
"how ignorant people are when it comes to voting"
That's the problem with referendum questions.
Even the learned are confused by the clever wordsmith. A rotten smelly bill can be made to sound adorable if written in just the right way.
The Republic is in danger, and the truth is being harder and harder to identify.
The crime victim rights question is of major concern. I understand that it is mainly because of the Catholic sex abuse scandal, but if it passed it is a huge blow to the rights of the accused. In the US, a defendant is already guilty until proven innocent. I am not wrong about that. If the accused can't properly defend themselves by discovery we will have a lot more innocent people behind bars.
Unfortunately the victim mentality kicks in when reading about victims and the majority votes yes. It's for the children and "victims" my left foot. More like making it easier for prosecutors to win cases!
Not so fast Krystal. All Politics are local. What say you about the Fire Red State of Kentucky Governor going Democrat. And in 2020 Lt. Col. Amy McGrath (the first woman to fly a Fighter Jet in the Marines will be running against that old white man Moscow Mitch for Senate.
As of last night the state of Virginia is now Blue. You do know that Virginia has 27 Military Bases (at least one for each Branch). Seems the Military is not too happy with the current occupant and may have voted Blue. ;)
Go Navy!

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