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Vote out all the incumbents

Published May 16. 2019 12:19PM

Dear Community,

Good afternoon. The primary is around the corner. It is time for us voters to hire or fire politicians. I suggest we fire all of them.

Voting out all the incumbents is a risk free choice. Why is removing incumbents a risk free choice? Simple, if they were good politicians they will help from the audience, if they were bad, they are out. Since everyone’s ideas are filtered by a new set of public officials, the risk is near zero. The community can thrive. No experience is lost when you grow the pool, it is gained.

Political incumbents, in general, enjoy a 90% re-election rate. Why? Follow the money. Will the small block of supporters getting the advantage of a politician’s authority be motivated enough to keep the relationship alive? You bet. The question is: Will you go out in the rain to remove the incumbent, blocking their arrangements? Those getting an advantage will vote, but, will you? Will your vote stop them? Actually yes, elections are decided by this very factor. Your vote has a huge impact since those that vote are in the minority.

Ask an incumbent why they chose what they chose and listen to the answer. Since many people struggle to name their local political officials, replacing them is risk free. These officials control your ordinances, policies and taxes. Try naming all your township supervisors, our three county commissioners and the nine school directors in your district. Don’t be embarrassed, many can’t. Just get the list of new people.

If you feel you are living in the “Twilight Zone,” find who is on the list of incumbents and vote for anyone else. The choice is a win in any situation. Term limits are so critical to proper governance and ending corruption. No politician will write that law. So we can bypass them. Vote ’em all out.

I believe in accountability through governmental transparency, and personal privacy. I appreciate your past votes and I am a one-term director. One term only, as I practice what I preach.

As a one-term person I can honor the oath, and do what needs to be done. The stickiness and lobbyist arrangements to maintain power can be seen in the Princeton Study.

Let’s restore a government of, by and for the people. God bless America.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

Duly Elected Lehighton Director until 2021

One term, one term only

Dear DO,

Good evening. You have obviously never met me. "I will never run for a send term, accept an appointment, or serve as Lehighton School director."

I will honor my oath, and serve my one term as school director with respect for those that elected me into office.

By a person of character and post this again in two years.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

Wonder if you’ll be singing the same tune in a few years if the people you support for commissioner get elected.

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