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Vote for Greek for District attorney

Published November 01. 2019 12:23PM

I’ve been working as essentially a part-time public defender in Carbon County for about three years now. A majority of the cases and clients I serve (approximately 80%) struggle with opiate addiction, and their criminal activity stems from that addiction. I completely support a rehabilitative approach to these clients, as strict incarceration DOES NOT remedy addiction.

These clients become “frequent flyers” because they are back to using as soon as they hit the streets. Assistant District Attorney Greek has been a major advocate for rehabilitative programs like Veterans Court and Drug Treatment Court. His approach to the criminal justice system isn’t rooted strictly in punishment or incarceration, it is rooted in rehabilitation.

People who commit crimes are still people, and attorney Greek recognizes that. There is no “one size fits all” when dealing the crime and punishment. It is important that we elect a district attorney who recognizes that and puts in the work to fashion appropriate pleas and sentences, and also works with local law enforcement to ensure the system is operating in a fair and reasonable manner. I wouldn’t put my name to attorney Greek’s campaign if I didn’t believe in what he’s trying to do. Please consider voting for him, and please feel free to ask any questions you may have. There is a lot riding on the race for district attorney, please take the time to educate yourself. Thank you!

Arley Kemmerer, Esquire


Nice letter Arley, but the current D.A. Jean Engler does exactly what is in your letter and even more.
The only thing riding on this race is Greek's fragile little ego. He just can't stand working for a smart, capable and string woman.
Very unusual for a assistant district attorney to run against a sitting district attorney. I wonder what's up with that?
As for veterans court and drug treatment court a lot of people have been involved in that especially since the opiate epidemic across the country and so many veterans being separated from the military with nothing but warehouse jobs to look forward to.
The current altruistic view of these societal problem may very well be in good faith for some people but the cost of locking up all these people over and over and over without intervention is bankrupting local and state governments all over the country.

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