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Visit cemetery by appointment only

Published June 15. 2019 06:38AM

Recently I met Ann Giannangeli of Boston, Massachusetts. She was visiting Lansford and the surrounding area during the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Ann’s father was Air Force Lt. Colonel Anthony Giannangeli who has been missing in action since April of 1972. A Vietnam War era veteran and Lansford native, a memorial to him is in place on the church property of St. Katharine Drexel.

Ann asked me to accompany her to visit the memorial. She wished to place flowers and an American flag at her father’s memorial. Since the property is chained off to pedestrian traffic, I contacted the office of St. Joseph of the Panther Valley regarding her request. The secretary informed me that Ann would have to schedule an appointment to do so.

I am at a loss of words for the unkindness and lack of feeling shown to Ms. Giannangeli’s request during her short visit by this parish office.

I believe Ann eventually placed flowers inside the gate and an American flag at the memorial by having to climb over a cement wall at the church. Great effort Ann for showing how much respect you have for your father.

While on the subject of apparent uncaring response that Ms. Giannangeli received by her request, another seemingly cold and aloof attitude toward the feelings of the people in the Panther Valley affected by church closures was Diocesan spokesperson Matt Kerr’s recent Blue Ridge TV-13 appearance. So Lansford, as well as Coaldale, Nesquehoning and Summit Hill were among many small town’s in the coal regions that had too many churches.

Just once I’d like to hear the Diocese begin to praise the people of this area for their faith, devotion and yes, pride for establishing these too many churches.

Rather than allow them to die naturally due to changing demographics, the business model of the hurtful closing and mergers began.

Again, I find myself at a loss for words in the destructive path we are on!

John J. Zonca


If an appointment is required... then an appointment is required. Yet another trumpite who thinks they're above the rules. MAGA is just a breakdown of civilization.
DO you are just a rude vulgar punk that throws around a big mouth full of insults. All measures should be made for visitors to be able to honor their deceased family. Hopefully these stories are just flukes and corrective measures will be taken so that it doesn’t happen again. America is great. MAGA!
I agree John Zonca, this is ridiculous. But is it not as ridiculous as the Lehighton Area School Board.

What do you get when Director Yenser fails to do his duty as treasurer, Rubber-stamping Rita chooses to ignore common sense, wasteful Wayne Wentz a veteran that fought in foreign lands to defend the constitution yet fails to uphold it locally, Larry Stern's claims of immunity and Steve Holland's proposal to spend money on lighting up the student's bleachers yet fails to give students their rights in the classrooms?

Well, a tax increase and the Lehighton Area School District Government, of, by and for the administration. Five abdicating much of their authority to the very people they were elected to oversee in spite of their Oath of Office.


Citizen David F. Bradley, Sr.

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