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Update: Man drowns at Beltzville

Published July 21. 2019 03:08PM

Carbon County Coroner Bob Miller has confirmed that a man drowned at Beltzville State Park this afternoon.

Miller was at the scene at 6 p.m. and said the man was in his late 20s. His body was found toward the breast of the dam. According to reports at the scene, the man swam out to help someone in an inflatable tube and he went under. 

Emergency crews were called shortly after 2 p.m.

Lehighton fire company and its dive team responded, as well as Franklin Township.

Details are still unfolding about the incident. 

According to scanner reports, crews were also called to the Lehigh River near Glen Onoko Falls, where a kayak overturned.  There were no injuries, but assisted was need getting back to shore.

We'll update as information becomes available.


Just look in the background behind the boats....all the people swimming in an area outside the beach apparent control over this....drop offs a few feet offshore. Probably happening all around the lake at coves due to the overcrowding.
Just wanting relief from the heat, a fun day at the lake... and then things get real. Sad to see this.
Anyone with a brain could see this coming though. That statement DCNR said about the overcrowding last year - it is a good problem to have, still grates on me. Another recent article downplayed over crowding and overcapacity, to me anyway. Astounding the way government is all about rules, regulations and permits, and related matters. The person, from what I gather at this moment, bears responsibility (no life vest and swimining in unauthorized area, but the park, letting things get this out of control (when they are supposed too be in control), you wonder if there will be any lawsuits. You can;t sue the government as i understand it, but you can possibly sue indviduals civilly if they were grossly neg and let let these conditions foster for many years. I don't know but this will be interesting and we will see if DCNR continues to operate as usual.
There are laws that protect municipalities and probably the DCNR from such lawsuits. There is an expectation that someone who goes swimming in a lake knows that there can be hazards and deep water. If you add signage it protects you even more. Bottom line to me is, if someone steps off an underwater ledge and drowns - that is not the fault of who owns the property.
Yes and agree. however, in this day and age, a good attorney could make them culpable since DCNR has be down playing the overcrowding. We pay these people to MANAGE the parks, but then all the rules, regs, capacity limits and common sense go out the window on many weekends. It's only for a few times a year, and it is good problem to have, they say (not word for word but close). I'm not saying DCNR is liable, but a good attorney could have them on the ropes, if not a win (in which we pay.)
Please ask Rep. Hefftley to close all public waterways in Carbon County they're just too dangerous.

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