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Two women arrested on drug-dealing charges

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Published August 03. 2018 09:44PM

Lansford Police arrested two women on drug-dealing charges Thursday after one of them agreed to sell heroin to a police informant.

The second woman was accused of driving under the influence of drugs with two young children in the vehicle.

In all, officers recovered 127 bags of suspected heroin (20.9 grams) and 4.6 grams of methamphetamine.

Lansford Police thanked the community for help and support in a social media post.

“These drugs were brought here from the greater Hazleton area and were destined for the streets here in town,” the post read.

According to court documents, Alexis Goldberg, 27, of Coaldale, agreed to sell heroin to a woman who was working as a confidential informant for Lansford Police Department.

The informant contacted Goldberg through the Messenger app Thursday afternoon and agreed to meet in a vehicle outside an address on the 600 block of Patterson Street.

When Goldberg arrived at the address, an officer stopped the vehicle she was riding in. In addition to the two women, there were two children ages 1 and 3 in the vehicle.

The officer noticed that the driver, Alyssa Ann Bernardi, had pinpoint pupils, was sweating profusely and was sluggish while speaking. He asked her to perform field sobriety and advanced sobriety tests, which the officer said showed signs of impairment. He arrested Bernardi on suspicion of DUI.

Bernardi was transported to Lansford Police Department, where she admitted to having heroin in her bra. The officer found 44 bags containing 5.3 grams of heroin.

Officers also arrested Goldberg and searched her purse and found numerous zippered baggies, a digital scale with white residue, and a prescription which was made out to another person.

Officers searched Goldberg at Lansford Police Department and found 83 bags containing suspected heroin, a total of 15.6 grams; bags containing a total of 4.6 grams of suspected meth; and a syringe.

Goldberg and Bernardi were both charged with possession of drugs with intent to deliver and jailed at Carbon County Correctional Facility on $25,000 bail.

Bernardi was also charged with endangering the welfare of children and DUI.

Preliminary hearings have been scheduled for Aug. 15 before Magisterial District Judge Casimir T. Kosciolek.

You should hold more honor and respect for the informant you stupid halfwits..Use the person to make the bust you want but release exactly how what street what app what time...Your not so private uneducated blatant public post about this informant could and probably will get ugly...I know first hand from helping police myself.Reckless and extremely dangerous.i lived the last 10yrs of my life in constant state of fear and terror.An incident actually occurred in that span when a vehicle slowly drove by me and the passenger of the car pointed a gun at me . I caused a scene in a public place and expected police to show up and keep me safe.wrong.state police would not even file the report.instead told me that I was under the influence of drugs took my drugs dumped it on the ground while 3video cameras easily could have proven everything I was saying was accurate.hell jail would have been better then not filing report and holding me there for over an HR flashing lights causing such a scene after intentionally alarming police for fear of my safety had me walk away from the scene to now have an image of cooperation.police are a joke .court system is a joke. State police should be indited..2 troopers fired at the least. Sch. County DEA revealed my information to the public after convincing me nobody will ever be able to access the info. Less then 90 days after helping DEA my life was already in the balance of life and death. Ruined my life.dont help police.dont trust police .don't trust sch.county court house. 75% of police and county courthouse employee are the ones who supply the county with meth and heroin. A federal investigation would prove everything
Never trust the police or anyone else involved in the criminal justice system. They are the biggest undocumented gang in the USA. The only people they protect and serve is themselves and their comrades. If any try to befriend you, head for the hills. The only thing they want from you is the information you know. My mother warned me and I didn't listen. She was right.
Carbon County is just as bad as the Skook. They bust all the so called "street dealers" by using information supplied by CI's. They offer these people reduced/dropped charges and lighter sentences. What happens is these "street dealers" set up other addicts or "street dealers" that they use with or have helped them get drugs from the actual drug dealers (the ones that should be arrested). Their thinking is that anyone that sells drugs even just to get their fix is a drug dealer so they are fighting the war on drugs and they are heroes. When you get one they want another and another and the cycle never ends. Meanwhile you're going thru the motions in court having waived your right to a speedy trial. It's never enough for them. And when you don't do what they want they have one of their pig friends in another jurisdiction get you for something. Then all your charges stick. You become a lifer stuck in the system. You will never get ahead. You information gets published in the media and on Facebook and you can't get a job to pay your fines so you go back to being CI to get them dropped. The stress and the sadness takes you right back to using the very thing you're supposed to be helping them fight. AND THEY KNOW IT! They want you to fail. As long as you're bringing the county revenue you are an asset.
It is sad that you were exposed and not protected. While they are supposed to guarantee your identity will not be revealed, with the right lawyer and enough persistence a defendant can file motions to have the identity revealed. They also make it blatantly obvious like you stated.
I find it funny how you say 2 PSP Troopers should be fired because I know of 2 that are bought by someone with ties to an NYC mafia family. I did not believe it at first but then he produced documents that nobody should have had except for PSP and possibly the DA and Grand Jury. What papers? CI papers of the girl that set him up. I do not know the names of the Troopers and I prefer it that way.
They don't like being called out on their shenanigans either. Subpoenas will be served to content providers to get your identity even though you didn't commit a crime of libel. Surveillance will begin to learn your every move and when the time is right they will attempt to do something so heinous you don't even know what to think. And if they fail they will try again. Few people if anyone will believe you based on your mental health history and prior drug use. Keep a private journal of everything and if you're lucky enough confide in anyone that does believe you. The truth will set you free from the nightmare.
An investigation by the feds would be the best thing. Currently the state is investigating the Carbon Clerk of Courts office. It is only the beginning. They can't transfer inmates to State prison because of the backlog in that office. My question is; What was not stopping them from these transfers before this investigation? The answer? Corruption. They're starting at the bottom. When they have enough evidence the feds will be here I can guarantee it.
Don't let anyone silence you. The right people will hear and justice will be served.

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