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Two state troopers charged with hacking account

Published February 16. 2018 12:36PM

Two troopers from the Lehighton State Police barracks have been charged with hacking the account of a Jim Thorpe resident.

State police at Fern Ridge charged Erin Cawley, 41, and Anthony Kingsley, 32, both of Catasauqua, with the charge and related crimes.

According to troopers, the crimes occurred in January 2017.

The complaint involved the two suspects accessing a password protected social media account of a 40-year-old Jim Thorpe resident, without authority or permission to do so.

In addition to accessing the account the two took possession of private communications of the victim without permission or authority, troopers allege.

Both were arraigned before District Judge Eric M. Schrantz, of Jim Thorpe, and released on $500 unsecured bail each.

I have lived here for 15 yrs. Each and every time you need one of these troopers its a problem. Now the truth about them is finally coming out. I'm very happy. I have never dealt with ruder police, police that don't want to deal with certain situations too. I was told flat out by one of them that they resent having to be on patrol for the community because they were only meant for highway patrol. Now one was arrested for sex and harassment of a victim, and now this. Whoerver is outing them, keep at it, lets drain this swamp.
MAISEYGURL is correct. The state police don't do there jobs like they're supposed to. I too have had situations that are ignored or they say they're take care of it and don't. I have reported to them about non-licensed drivers driving around my area (and drunk too) and nothing was done. Now one of them I reported was in a head on collision with a young man from the area. Thank GOD the young man wasn't killed. He's ok. But the whole thing could've been avoided if the PSP and the ADA or DA would've followed through after he was arrested for his first DUI. They were told where he hung out at (Blue Mtn. Pub) and nothing was done.
I hate to use the word lazy, but it's a good description for them. The worst is if you get assertive and demand they do their job they start threatening. I have even been to the Barracks commander about them. I got a call asking me to take into consideration that our local politicians should be giving us our own police stations and that they are inundated. I know GOOD troopers who couldn't stand working in that barracks and transferred out to Swiftwater barracks or Fernridge because they didn't want their reputations stained. It starts at the top over there. I'm so happy they are getting caught. We really do not have ANY police coverage here in the west end and I hope the shake up is coming.
both should be fired. Any where else besides govt, they would be fired. Hacking now, what's next? Their judgement and reasoning skills are profoundly flawed.
And from what I learned today, the female trooper is 45 years old. Should know better.

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