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Tamaqua Legion won’t show NFL this weekend

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    A sign posted at the American Legion in Tamaqua announces that it is boycotting the NFL this weekend. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Published November 10. 2017 10:09PM

American Legion Post 173 in Tamaqua has decided to “take a knee” on NFL broadcasts this weekend.

Members decided during a recent meeting that they would not show NFL games over the Veterans Day weekend because of the ongoing protests by NFL players.

Specifically, they’re upset that the NFL owners did not force players participating in the boycott to stand for the anthem, according to finance officer Mike Morgans.

“When the owners had that meeting and decided they weren’t going to do anything about making a rule of it, then our members discussed it at our meeting and said ‘Well, we should not watch them.’ We’ll join the national boycott on Veterans Day weekend in honor of all of the veterans,” Morgans said.

A sign posted at the Legion says it is boycotting the NFL from Nov. 9-14, “due to the lack of action by the NFL or the owners.”

Morgans said the protests have been disrespectful to the flag and the country.

The Legion did show games earlier in the season. Morgans said there is another meeting scheduled this week, where they will discuss whether to continue the boycott beyond this weekend.

“I think what the NFL needs to do is get back to the NFL. They need to play football,” he said.

Morgans said the Legion draws a big crowd for the Veterans Day weekend. Post 173 organizes the parade that will take place on Broad Street Saturday morning. Saturday night, the Legion will celebrate its Last Man’s Club.

“It’s Veterans Day weekend. We have activities going on, We’ll have people here. Football is secondary,” he said.

In order to show their patriotism the Legion wants to force others to do something against their will. Perhaps that shows patriotism in Russia but here in the USA we used to say while I disagree with what you say I will fight to the death to preserve your right to say it, but not the Legion. The Legion traded their American patriotism for Trumpism and while I used to donate to them because I thought it was supporting a good cause I will no longer, However I personally do not think it proper for the players to protest during the anthem but it is their right to do so, as it the right of the Legion to protest by not showing the NFL games. The distortion and manipulation of the reason for the protest by the president for political division and those who follow along do a disservice to those who fought to preserve the very first freedom that formed this country, the right to protest (at that time against the British). .
I donate to the Disabled American Veterans along with being a life member.They're not political like the American Legion and VFW and 98% of all the money collected goes to disabled veteran and veteran services.
Thinking back to 1967 when I took my armed services oath to join the United States Marine Corps,I swore to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic and I don't remember any mention of a flag or British drinking song. In case you've forgot that constitution give everyone the right to free speech which is what the NFL players are invoking.
I keep hearing how their actions are a insult to our military when I as a vet am proud they're able to protest the abuse and murder of African Americans by a few rogue police and aren't rounded up and sent to a gulag like they are in our current Presidents favorite country Russia.
I'm not sure if this is ignorance or racism but it could be both.
Hate to think The American Legion Post 173 position and role is now to dictate the aspects of the constitution they support and others aspects they don't. UnAmerican! Were the deaths, injuries, participation in the World Wars, Korean & Vietnam wars, etc all in vain??? Have you thought of relocating to Alabama or Mississippi. They have a pretty good record of attempting to and suppressing constitutional rights.

The Legion isn't FORCING anybody to do anything against their will. The players and NFL can still do as they wish. The Legion, as a group, is simply asserting its First Amendment right to free speech and right to peacefully protest, just like the players and league. That's constitutional.
To all you naysayers, the article is misleading. The members weren't trying to force the NFL to have the players do anything. The members were simply upset about the disrespect for the flag and decided to sit out the weekend by not watching the NFL. As veterans we are well aware of the sacrifices made by those who served and we respect and defend the Constitution. To the person who compared us to Trumpists or Russia, that's your opinion, but it is wrong. And if you don't want to donate anymore, that's ok. This is America. We simply chose not to watch to honor those who came before. God bless the USA and her vets!
And yet everyone seems to keep ignoring WHY these people kneeled. It wasn't a protest against our veterans.

I can watch the NFL and still appreciate veterans, it IS possible.

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