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Software glitch delays results in Carbon

Published November 06. 2019 05:07AM

A software glitch in tallying the votes caused Carbon County election officials to need to turn to the ballot tapes that the new machines record to finalize the unofficial results in Tuesday’s general election.

On Wednesday morning, Commissioner William O’Gurek, a member of the county election board, said that a programming issue led to the problem.

“Unfortunately, we experienced a snag in our calculation of the votes by districts at the election office after the polls closed,” he said. “The difficulty was caused by a programming situation in which some of the totals of the districts did not properly load to the cumulative total of some of the municipalities and school districts.”

O’Gurek said that the glitch caused a significant delay in the final calculations, but it did not cause any of the races to be called for the wrong candidates.

County election officials contacted Dominion Voting System, the company that made the machines, and worked through the issue using the ballot tapes from each voting precinct and reloading those from start to finish.

“While this was a cumbersome task that lasted through the night and did not end until around 5 o’clock this morning, we are confident and assure the public that we now have the absolute accurate totals for each of the candidates,” O’Gurek said.

New unofficial results were submitted to the media just before 7 a.m.

This is the first election that Carbon County has used the new voting machines, which return to the paper ballot system. The new machines were required by Gov. Tom Wolf following the last presidential election as a way to have a paper trail in the event something goes wrong.

Carbon County ordered the new equipment a few months ago and received it last month.

Read the article in TN on November 1st by Marc Levy. R controlled legislature passed new voting reforms. Now every one may use mail in ballots. That will help avoid long lines in 2020. TN needs to add tags to pull up the article which is still listed.
But Governor Wolf won, forcing all counties to replace voting machines, and you now recommend mail-in?
This cost the counties (collectively) nearly $150M (million).
Oh... the new machines are a success.
Well sure... Punish those deplorable patriots who vote. Make those fool suffer longer lines and questionable results.
We're in trouble Country-Girl.
Kommisar Lukasevich hates the Constitution! Twice in two days he had shut down my 1st amendment rights. A military dictatorship of a poisoned mind. How many of those secret military inoculations have you blindly accepted Lukasevich? It's one thing to affect your personal gene pool. But, we aren't going to suffer ! Your term will be dogged by your transgressions! I will bbq you every Thursday.
Glitches, Purple Voters, Undocumented Criminals, and early and often voters will bring about that "Fundamental Transformation".

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