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Snowflakes could learn from can-do generation

Published November 11. 2019 12:58PM

After surviving the Great Depression, men and women of our Greatest Generation were called on to win a global world war that would ultimately cost 60 million lives.

Their achievements from 1941 to 1945 changed the world.

Today, it’s important for younger generations to learn how free democracies developed. Many of those from that World War II generation, now near or over the century mark in age, were the building blocks for the most prosperous and technologically advanced societies in human history.

In Great Britain, British students learn about the Battle of Dunkirk and how Winston Churchill’s leadership was crucial in defeating Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Recent movies like “Dunkirk” and “Darkest Hour” raised new awareness on Britain’s impact during that period of history.

Not all Brits, however, feel that those who sacrificed during those dark days of the early 1940s need to be remembered.

Appearing on “Good Morning Britain” recently, Freddie Bentley, a 22-year old millennial, said that World War II history shouldn’t be taught to young children in order to preserve their “mental health.” Instead of focusing so much on our past, he said we could replace it with subjects that are more beneficial and relevant to the future.

Bentley’s sensitive snowflake views clashed with those of a fellow panelist, Sir Michael Wilshaw, a former chief inspector of schools in England who countered that we live in a dangerous world and children need to know about the wars in order to learn from past mistakes. He reminded Bentley that 50 million people died in World War II fighting against fascism and the tyrants intent on world domination and taking away individual freedoms.

Sadly, British millennials aren’t alone in their ignorance of military history. A recent study found that two-thirds of American millennials surveyed could not identify what Auschwitz is, and 32 percent of them said they hadn’t heard of the Holocaust. This got hand-in-hand with millennials being the only age group in America with a majority that has a favorable view of socialism. Unfortunately, many of those who voted favorably don’t know what socialism actually is.

Millennials are attracted to the immediate allure of “free things” being offered by the socialist Democrats running for high office, even though only a third of them favor an economy managed by the government while the other two-thirds prefer a free-market economy, similar to older generations. As millennials age and begin to earn more, their socialistic ideals fade.

John Phelan, an economist at Center of the American Experiment, says the lyrics that Whitney Houston sang 35 years ago — “the children are our future” — remain relevant today, but unless they learn about the dismal record of socialism, and of the horrors of the Holocaust, the next generations run the risk of repeating them. He says learning is essential for a free society, and socialism can flourish only amid historical ignorance.

In a recent Newsweek Opinion, Victor Hanson, a senior fellow in classics and military history at the Hoover Institution and the author most recently of The Second World Wars, said those Americans born in the 1920s were a can-do generation who believed that they did not need to be perfect to be good enough.

When he was a teenager, Hanson said he once asked his father, a combat veteran who flew nearly 40 missions over Japan in WWII, whether the war had been worth it. In an instant, he replied: “You win the battle in front of you and then just go on to the next.”

Hanson said a lesson the World War II generation learned — one that’s almost forgotten today — was that perseverance and courage were the most important of all collective virtues. Whenever he’s at an impasse, Hanson, who was 45 when his father died, still remembers his advice to “just barrel ahead onto the next mission.”

In his article, “Coddled College Students Need to Grow Up,” Quin Hillyer, a contributing editor of National Review Online, said if anyone finds the hard lessons of life to be offensive, unusual or anything other than reflective of basic common sense, then that person needs to get a life.

By Jim Zbick |

Dear Times News,

I realize we are a small rural region unable to support the highest level of journalism but we deserve better than a garbage column like this...let me give you a couple examples of the poor quality of this column that any mediocre editor should have picked up on.

#1 Zbick references a “recent poll” but fails to provide who did the poll. How hard would this be to do? Without this reference he can misquote or make up the results. Which he apparently does.

#2 Zbick indeed misquotes the poll, at least as best as I can tell since he kept his source secret. The poll I believe he referenced is a Feb 2018(recent?!?)poll done by the “Claims Conference” that polled 1,350 Americans, less than 400 of which were millennials. Zbick tells us that the study showed “32 percent of them said they hadn’t heard of the Holocaust”. The 32% number Zbick uses is actually an over inflation by about 50%. The actual number is 22%. Now that is still high but if you look at the study you’ll find that the overall population has a high number too, not just millennials. Either way there is no way you can make an assumption of millions of millennials off of a sample less than 400. Stats 101.

#3 his premise in the column, poor grammar and all, is that ignorance of the holocaust is correlated with a positive view of socialism. He writes: “ This got(sic)hand-in-hand with millennials being the only age group in America with a majority that has a favorable view of socialism.“. Zbick goes on to define socialism as wanting free stuff, not an understanding of the true definition and states 2/3 of millenials who support socialism (from another super secret poll) say they want free market capitalism. Maybe the real story is that people who say they support socialism but want free markets really don’t understand what socialism is. But Jim missed this Point because he clearly doesn’t know the definition either.

#4 the premise itself is stupid and easily debunked. I’ll debunk it right now in one word: Israel. I think we can all agree that the founders of Israel were all aware of the holocaust yet they still set up a government that provided universal healthcare, almost entirely free college and an economy that is strongly centralized. Today things like pre-k are available in Israel tuition free and services for the elderly are also provided. Sounds an awful lot like the “socialistic” platform of the democrats. I guess Israel must have forgotten about the holocaust eh Jim?

So as the editors I hope you will demand more from your columns. Zbick is a third rate writer and “journalist” and is carried only by the TN. Please expect more than this garbage, we deserve it.


Took me 2 minutes to find this. It's similar to a interview/survey that has been in the news since 2018.
You read to respond, not to gain knowledge. I know why you do this, you in your mind, have all the knowledge. Step away from the numbers and hear what the writer's concern is Joe.
Oh... by the way, the Jewish nation of Israel was founded in the Bible by Abraham and his wife, Sarah, and through their son Isaac. Please look into the Bible, it's an excellent source of history, and a prime source of information for a Sunday School Teacher.
History is important to know, and even more important to preserve. The Public School System and the Universities must be failing in the area of history, because even the all knowing "Joe" gets it wrong.
American food holidays are coming up! Everyone enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Read to respond? Read my post Mike, you clearly didn’t or you wouldn’t post the same link I already posted. I also discussed the poll that we assume he is referencing.

It’s a crap column, dispute anything I wrote.
I think the bigger issue is “journalists” trying to create a false correlation in order to support their blind partisanship. This does nothing but make the situation worse.

I am not surprised if (big if because the poll is questionable) millenials knowledge of history lags behind other generations. When most of them were in school we had not set up minimum learning standards. Now with common core we have standards and the ability to measure effectiveness of curriculum. The holocaust is included in these standards in PA and elsewhere. I suspect gen z and beyond will fare better in these studies.
The Point:
Forgotten History, or, dereliction of duty by the educators, to inform the next generations of the evils of man, and a threat of repeating them. "Learning is essential for a free society, and socialism can flourish only amid historical ignorance."
Basically, the writer fears historical ignorance has already set in.
By reading these comments, the writer is correct.
Common Sense is dead in America. The death blow comes through the lacking of any absolutes truths. The deliverer is education and our fusion of media and entertainment (fake news).
Heads up, Joy Reid from MSNBC gives warning, "We are just over two weeks away from one of the most beloved American food holidays. Thanksgiving, where problematic actual history meets delicious cuisine,"
(mic drop)
Mike, you have no issue with Jim misquoting the data? Ignoring that Israel has all the government paid services that these “socialists” are campaigning on? Isn’t it common sense that if there was a correlation between the holocaust and universal healthcare that Israel would have private insurance?
What are you talking about? What in the world does any of the writer's column have to do with universal healthcare? The Jews were being killed because they were Jews. Millions... killed!
Get some rest fellow!
Data? It's the damn point, not Data accuracy. The point that people were killed because of who they were, not what they were, and the coming generation is clueless! My heavens!
Reading is fundamental.

Zbick’s whole premise is that millennials support “socialism” because they don’t know about the holocaust. My point is if that were true Israel wouldn’t be more socialistic than we are.
Snowflakes are ignorant to much. Why?
Answer: Educators and Media. Oh... people like you who have blind open eyes.
Here's one for you Joe...
Thanksgiving Is ‘Problematic,’ Says MSNBC’s Weekend Host Joy Reid, as She Mocks Trump Supporters.

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