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Retail theft leads to drug arrest

Published March 27. 2019 08:55AM

A Lansford woman caught shoplifting in Tamaqua faces more serious charges after being found to be in possession of drugs.

Police were called to the Rite Aid Store, 205 Center St., at 12:50 p.m. on March 3 for a retail theft in progress. The suspect was described as a woman wearing a gray hoodie and black leggings.

The woman was still in the store when officers arrived and identified as Gemile Mehmeti, 31, of Lansford.

Mehmeti denied stealing anything, but the bulges in her hood jacket turned out to be eye shadow, lip gloss and mascara. A search was made of the pink handbag she was carrying, which revealed several other items from the store, along with multiple wax paper baggies with the logo “Its hot” on them.

She was charged with retail theft, possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

The total value of the stolen items was $70.75.

Heroin, yet again, and they'll fight tooth and nail against protecting the boarder. How can people vote Democrat? Please think of all these young people getting wrapped up in this junk.
JBJ how do you profess with such confidence that “these drugs don’t come from the border?” I profess, “if you had half a brain” would come to the opposite conclusion. I profess a 100% solution. I was in the military. You seal the entire perimeter. That is where I come from. Throughout history commanders have always thought, “ the enemy won’t attack from that direction, so why bother to defend that area”? Guess where the attack always comes from? I had a Doctoral Presentation on this topic essentially. Don’t be insulting. Why do you want to...”leave a flank unprotected?” I am not going to insult you. The only legitimate reason to leave an area unprotected is a lack of resources. Many soldiers have been killed by “willful neglect of a defensive position.” Are you aware that the penalty for “falling asleep on guard/perimeter watch is death?” That is because of the importance of denying enemy infiltration. 100% perimeter coverage is much easier than after infiltration has occurred. This is my reasoning.

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