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Recycling ends in Weatherly

Published March 19. 2019 01:26PM

Weatherly Borough will end its recycling program because officials can’t find a contractor to run it.

The borough’s contract with Solomon Container Services runs out on April 1. Mayor/council president Tom Connors said Solomon has informed the borough that it won’t continue after that date.

Manager Harold Pudliner said in a recent report to borough council that the search for a replacement has been unsuccessful.

“We are searching for a new provider, but with market conditions at an all-time low, it is doubtful we will be able to secure another contractor,” he said.

At one time, Weatherly had curbside recycling. Then Carbon County offered a recycling drop-off area. When the county ended its program in 2013 due to budget cuts, the borough hired Solomon.

The borough had been paying $300 per month for Solomon to empty the recycling bins at the park.

Councilman Jeffrey Miller said he recently read that Solomon was increasing its pickups in nearby Banks Township. He couldn’t understand that, noting that the company’s pickups were inconsistent.

Connors said they reached out to the borough’s contracted trash hauler, County Waste (which is not affiliated with Carbon County). It didn’t respond.

“We do have feelers out at different places, but a lot of people won’t return your call when you mention recycling,” Connors said.

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