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The P.O.T.U.S. (Pinocchio of the United States)

Published June 08. 2019 05:54AM

Trumpty Dumpty said “We need a wall”

“Mexico will pay for it all”

But this isn’t true as we all know

He tells more lies than Pinocchio

Collusion — obstruction — there hasn’t been any

Believed by some, but not by too many

My puppets named Sarah, KellyAnne and Rudy

All help me spread lies — they say it’s their duty

The Russians and Saudis and North Koreans

All are my friends — they’re great human bein’s

And the Electoral College is really a dream

With the popular vote I really got creamed

“I cheat on my wife — on my taxes too,

and oh how those women knew what to do”

He’s done NOTHING FOR SENIORS — we’re not on his list

of things deemed important — we just don’t exist

“But what’s all the fuss about — I find it quite odd

I thought you all knew — I’m better than God.”

Well don’t worry POTUS about the election

In the year 2020 we’ll make our selection

And off of your great wall you will fall

And take family with you — puppets and all.

P.S. — Letting the POTUS care for the American public

is like letting Col. Sanders baby-sit your chickens.

Denny Barron

Moore Township

Pure genius! Ripping the mask off of the MAGA myth and staring into the face of America's downfall! Stated so elegantly and simply, even a Deviant Republitard can understand! Yet, don't leave your door unlocked, the trumpites will molest your children, beat your wife and rape you.
They think they're Rambo but they're nothing more than uneducated troglodytes. Oops, sorry... I just described Rambo! My bad!
The MAGA philosophy:
1) I keep my gun, even though I was never in danger of losing it.
2) I get to use racial slurs.
3) I unquestionably bend over to anyone with the title if CEO.
4) I support the ignorance & treason of a retarded president to keep my ignorant ass earning minimum wage.
Mexico has changed their tune. The wall they are building, is at their expense. Come on Joe, climb aboard. Toss off that hate and help make America Great Again.
You and the rest of the libs are again furious, as America wins again. Hey Joe, did you check out the jobs stats lately?
The enemy always downplays the achievements of the victor. Our economy is flourishing, the company I work for recently announced they were investing $1B (billion) in U.S. Manufacturing.
Businesses in America have been waiting for common sense leadership.
The wall? listen with open ears...
The deal struck, involves stopping the flow of Central American migrants traveling to the U.S. through Mexico. The wall Mexico pays for is at their southern boarder Joe. They will put an end to what they could have put an end to before the tariff threat, but didn't. That's why the NYT reports that Mexico had decided to improve upon this weeks before the tariff threat ever happened, which is baloney. You see Joe, you folks suffering from "Trump Derangement Syndrome", will never give credit where credit is due.
As I look at your post Joe, I am thankful that Donald J. Trump is President and you are not. Weeks after events conclude and you were wrong and Trump was right, you are still unable to adjust. You miss the big picture to the point that I question your intellect. It is funny to see a little p*ssant like you Joe, insult President Trump. Maybe you should buy “The Art Of The Deal” by Trump, read it, and learn something. Isn’t hypocrisy wonderful?
Joe... I don't care where his dad was born, I care about the country I live in, turning in to a Sh _ _ hole. Trump is doing much to turn things back around. Now tell me Joe, what's with this birth place issue, as I've not been aware of that topic, nor can I see how it matters.
It doesn't and I hope it shouldn't. Trump,like many others in the business of winning people to their side, tells half truths and even lies, but what he's accomplished impresses me Joe.
Joe, did you have a stroke? You are acting like Joe Biden lately. Keep it up! You can unite all of the low intellect left wing nut jobs. Are you becoming a Fred Trump birther? Isn’t it funny how discussions of President Obama’s birth certificate irritated you. Isn’t hypocrisy wonderful? You, Joe, have become a habitual liar, with your meandering thought patterns. Does this not concern you?
Joe, you always evade the questions. You avoid the facts to the very questions that you seek answers for. You ignore evidence put right on your lap. This is peculiar behavior...especially for a self-proclaimed genius. You found time to do a little opposition research though, didn’t you Joe? How about the “level of education” inquisition? Your condescending assumption backfired, didn’t it Joe? Are your bone spurs acting up today? Maybe your honorable cousins that served in the military can carry you around. Hypocrisy is wonderful, isn’t it Joe? Social discourse really is wonderful. I defended your right to speak, but, I am going to be ferocious about defending America, in honor of fallen friends that can no longer speak. When you are wrong and/or are anti-American I am going to set you straight. MAGA! God Bless America! God Bless President Trump!
Nice Job on this Denny.
A shallow thinker may have missed this, but late last night, the brilliance of the wheeler and dealer in the White House, in more ways than one fulfilled the promise to have Mexico pay for the wall. You'll need to consider facts, which might be hard for a poet, but just try. Oh... when did he say he was better than God?
This was cute, but inaccurate, and, it has more gaps and holes, then the present wall does
Mike Meyers
Walnutport, PA
What the hell is this Denny? Is this a little ditty of dysfunction? Keep it up. Maybe you will get a Nobel Peace Prize. You sure drew out the liberal nut jobs like a cult following. You could have said “in the year 2016 we’ll make our selection.” Maybe you should send it in to CNN & MSNBC-it will be the best thing in years on their news.

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