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Police: Don’t fall for Microsoft scam

Published March 15. 2019 07:31AM

The Jim Thorpe Police Department is warning residents about a scam.

Residents have been receiving phone calls claiming that Microsoft is going out of business.

The parties are then told that because of this they are owed a refund. This scam has been appearing in other areas and states for months and now has hit Jim Thorpe.

The caller directs people to access their computer and are told to enter a specific command prompt that then allows remote access to the victim’s computer. This makes all of the victim’s stored/personal information available to the scammers.

The police department advises residents to not buy into this scam. “Your computer will be compromised and you could potentially have your information stolen if you accept this scam,” police posted on Facebook.

“Microsoft is not going out of business. There is no refund to be given. Folks Please don’t fall into this trap. Please pass on this information so that others can be made aware. If your friends or family don’t have Facebook, please talk to them. In particular, older residents are often the target of scams and frauds.”

Nesquehoning police are also warning residents that there are multiple scams making their way around the area.

“Please be aware that scammers are trying to obtain money from unsuspecting individuals,” the department said. “Please do not give out any personal information/any banking info/social security numbers to someone you do not know over the phone.”

In addition, the Better Business Bureau regularly releases a list of the top scams of the year.

The latest 10 of consumer scams in the U.S. includes supplement and related “free trial” offers; government grant and stimulus money offers; robocalls (automated telephone advertisements); lottery/sweepstakes scams; job hunter scams; internet-based work-from-home scams; mortgage assistance scams; shopping scams (a fake check is given for you to go spend); overpayment scams (the scammer writes a fake check for more than the amount due and asks you to wire the difference); and phishing emails.

If you receive a phone call from a questionable source or have any questions, contact your local police department.

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