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Pleasant Valley director accused of ‘bullying’

Published October 12. 2018 01:15PM

Pleasant Valley School Board Director Laura Jecker has been accused of bullying PV administrators and board members with a message she posted on her Facebook page.

Jecker shared a post from the Pennsylvania Department of Education promoting “Wear Blue — World Day of Bullying Prevention” on her Facebook page on Sept. 20, along with the message: “Our district should be promoting this but again bullying is not important enough to them. Parents, students and board members on the committee care but it is the admin holding back. Again it’s put on the back burner. Please send me your stories and concerns about bullying. Together we will take bullying head on.”

Jecker, prior to her election to the board, was a frequent attendee at board meetings and often addressed the board as a concerned parent regarding bullying. Jecker is also known for publicly praising teachers and others in the district for their accomplishments.

At the conclusion of Thursday evening’s board meeting, Director Dan Wunder called out Jecker for her post. Wunder noted that normally Jecker posts positive messages on her page touting the good news in the district.

Wunder said that he took her comments of Sept. 20 personally.

“As a teacher I did not tolerate it in my classroom. … As a principal (I) opened PVE with Be Safe, Be Kind and Be Respectful and stood in front of the entire student body of over 1,500 students a year and personally addressed anti-bullying with the entire student body,” Wunder said. “After my retirement in 2008 I organized, with the help of retired teachers, an anti-bullying effort that went into the elementary classrooms.

“I don’t know Mr. Triolo or Mr. Breiner well, but I hired Mr. Pomposello as a teacher at PVE and I know Mr. Seiler. You don’t want to be caught bullying in front of Rocco.”

Wunder went on to state that the district has an anti-bullying policy that has been in place since April 2016 and revised earlier this year.

Wunder cautioned Jecker in his statement by saying that board members should not attack administrators from their seats on the board.

“We must recognize our position of authority and that we sit up here and are seen by them in positions of authority,” Wunder said. “Given that, they are not in the best position to defend themselves.”

“When you attack someone in a position who is unable to defend themselves, it is called bullying.”

Wunder concluded by addressing a message to board President Len Peeters, who was not present at the meeting.

“I don’t know what your plans are to address this board’s current division, but it is my feeling that the public that elected us and the students we serve deserve better than the public sniping that is currently taking place. While healthy public debate in this forum is good and should be expected, calling others out contentiously in public is a disservice as to why we are here.”

Jecker was contacted for a comment but did not respond.

Mr. Clifford, you did the right thing by pulling your son off the team! I'm sad to think that Jecker didn't pull her son off to send a message of her taking a stand of solidarity with you. (Its very clear her son requires reminders too). It makes me think that Jecker is more concerned about appearances by having him a part of team, even after knowing the coach is non accepting of children with disabilities. I wouldn't want my son being part of team knowing that he's not wanted and that no-one is looking out for his safety. PV is loaded with bullies on all different levels from administrators down to the students. I've had several run in with Rocco Seiler myself and he is the biggest bully of them all.
I find it funny how wunder was trying to slam another board director and all these other issues are being brought up.guess his plan back fired. just goes to show how much corruption and unfairness goes on in this district.
YOU PV staff who liberally attacked this noice lady are *snowflakes*

The end. Clock is ticking.
Bravo, boards should provide oversight, call out administrations. These are government agencies, they need to be held accountable.

Citizen David F Bradley Sr
Duly Rlected Director Lehighton

Home of an administration caught intimidating citizens, our students, parents and board members.

Organization chart for govt schools
Citizens-Board-Staff-Admin to staff-Solicitor.

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Reading this article and comments left me feeling bullied. I'm going to my safe space to eat animal crackers( horns and hoofs removed of course).

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