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Pleasant Valley details Seiler’s retirement

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Published April 20. 2019 09:34PM


Pleasant Valley has released the terms of the retirement agreement for Rocco Seiler, the middle school principal who was prominent in the grand jury indictment.

On April 15 under the terms of a retirement and release agreement, Seiler officially retired from the district, several weeks after he suddenly left his position.

Neither the district nor Seiler have spoken publicly about the separation.

Seiler will be receiving accrued sick and vacation days per the agreement as well as 87 additional sick days through June 30, 2019. There is no additional monetary settlement spelled out in the agreement.

Seiler was given 21 days to consider the agreement before signing it on April 10. The agreement bars Seiler from speaking about the terms, and both he and the district are barred from making negative comments about the other.

The agreement specifically states that Seiler is barred from bringing any claim for age discrimination against the district. While the entire agreement went into effect immediately following its signing, the section on age discrimination was not to go into effect until seven days after the signing. That time has run as of the date of this writing.

The agreement allows Seiler the same rights under the Act 93 Agreement for administrative employees of the district making Seiler’s retirement the same as any other retiring administrator.

Seiler was granted immunity by the Monroe County District Attorney’s Office for testimony given before a grand jury investigating a number of claims against employees and former employees of the school district.

Seiler testified related to an incident which happened in a bar while he was in the company of former district employee Joshua Krebs. Krebs has been charged with violations of the state’s wiretap laws and for perjuring himself before the same grand jury.

Krebs is currently awaiting trial in Monroe County.


People bust their backs to pay property taxes. They don't get accrued sick days, they don't get retirement packages, and they do their jobs without such fanfare. These folks working for the schools get all summer off too! Something no right here.

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