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Philly casino fined for serving 17 drinks to gambler

Published May 16. 2019 08:52AM

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A casino in Philadelphia that served a gambler 17 free drinks over an eight-hour period has been fined $17,500.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports state regulators on Wednesday imposed the fine on the SugarHouse Casino over the September incident.

Officials say the patron was playing Pai Gow, a table game with Chinese tiles similar to blackjack, and he was visibly intoxicated while gambling.

According to the casino’s consent agreement with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, it wasn’t until the gambler couldn’t hold up his head anymore that a supervisor stopped him from getting more drinks and summoned security.

As the patron was evicted from the casino, an altercation occurred and he was arrested for public drunkenness.

In addition to the fine, SugarHouse also agreed to retrain and discipline the beverage servers.


Information from: The Philadelphia Inquirer,

Nothing good comes out of a casino folks. This casino idea was another way for the PA legislators to cleverly create revenue. It may destroy people, but it creates more funds for the politician to look good. BS
Joe, as you claim you're not a lib, I have stated that I'm not totally Trump. His past bothers me, but even more... my past bothers me. People change Joe... People change. Trump is doing Good Things. He wasn't my choice in the primary. What's ironic is, many woman I know, embraced trump early in. Now doesn't that come agains the narative of all thos Fake News Sources? Funny how they lie. Again Joe, I worship Jesus, and support my president. Please don't think I idolize the man. Funny thing is, even before I made the decision to follow Jesus, I didn't really like "The Donald". I hated Gambling back then too. My weakness was booze! Gosh I hate alcohol, but that's just me Joe. You have a great day, the sun's shining on us all today Joe. god bless
May I add this for my friend Joe.
The point of my post was that I dislike government's embrace of sin, merely so they can have more money in their pockets to spend. I wasn't endorsing this candidate over that one, but thanks Joe.
Joe, if Trump gave you a bucket of gold, you would b*tch because it would be too heavy to carry away. Did Trump EVER do anything right in his life...according to you? Come on Joe, take off the rose-colored glasses😎
Rambo, I have the integrity to not be bought. I don’t need his gold, and I wouldn’t take it.

Justin Amash, a man i appreciate greatly and matches most of my leanings agrees.
A person is already sold if they ignore facts and stick with an unchanging narrative. You already sold out your heart for hatred. You are all in for hating Trump, and, no where around for the truth. Many times, you have downright refused sources that would have answered your questions. Then, you continued to believe erroneous information. Integrity is being able to take the truth, and process it, whether good or bad. Intellect is the means by which integrity is evaluated.
Amash plans a 2020 run, what else do you expect? Come on Joe, what do you take me for? I'm not donating to Justin.
I figured you wouldn’t support him. He’s a practicing Christian, never divorced (let alone 3 times), active family man, and consistent conservative. Not your type.
So because he is the son of a father of Palestinian descent, and a mother of Syrian descent (both Christian btw) you call him a friend of al Qaeda? Nice. Meanwhile trump runs around the world claiming his dad emigrated from Germany (lie). Amash is a man of principle in every way, Trump is the worst of us. Trashing a devout Christian family man, without even the slightest hint of paying off porn stars, reveals that partisanship “trumps” christian values for you. Sad and sickening.
I am very careful Joe. I'm an America First guy. Check the water before you go jumping in with both feet Joe.
It's not only I who sees him as a proponent to questionable folk. But hey, he's just another bump in the road. Rambo asked a good question ,and you refused to answer it, Are you one of Trumps ex wives?
You're a religious bigot is what its sounding. So you are accusing Amash of concealing that his is muslim? What if he were muslim? Is this an issue? What possible proof do you have that he is a muslim? He was born in the US, he is an american as much as you so lose the american first garbage.

However, both his parents are Christian, and he attended private christian schools during his childhood. Are you suggesting that as an 11 year old he was involved in a deep conspiracy to fool the electorate into believing he was not a muslim?
This is crazy Joe. You are quick to insult Meyers about any positive MAGA statement, as though it is racist. At the same time, you are quick to accuse Meyers of xenophobia when it is imaginary. You seem bipolar. One of your stances accuses racial/religious bigotry as you defend your racial/religious bigotry. Soon you will realize your errors. Then you can get an orange wig and 2020 Trump glasses. Wise up. Are you one of those guys that likes to argue from the losing position...just for the sake of argument? America First...America Always...America Forever! God Bless America...The Greatest Country in the World!
Joe, you don’t like MAGA because you suspect it is a secret hate group. That bigotry (sp). Are you a Russian troll, Joe? Your spelling is off and your word patterns are fragmented more than normal.
I can put my trust, or distrust, in what and in whom I so decide. That's my choice. The country is a mess because of the Kenyan, no arguing that. If you think I'm a bigot? Who cares?
Amash just divorced himself from the Republican Party. He wants some name recognition. Amash can’t afford to buy a casino or a Boeing 757. Too bad...for Amash. I am in for $50 for whoever runs against him.
Come on Joe. Were you one of Trump’s wives? Why are you so hung up on not being able to forgive someone you never even met in person? You aren’t that Pious, since you tried to do a “little opposition research” against me, right? That was ok, for you. Human beings possess incredible talent. At the same time, humans display frailty. Do you listen to music? Bands are notorious for their “mistakes.” Are you so Pious that you shun music? Or, do you have a selective overlook trait? After AG Barr does a little more investigative work, some of your stalwarts might end up in jail. Then you will love Trump. Maybe, you will dye your hair orange to celebrate!
Very odd posts. Some phrases are all worded the same, makes me wonder if you are really a bot. Anyway, asking where you got your alleged PhD is hardly opposition research
Come on Joe. You hold yourself out to be of higher intellect. That backfired on you. Then you get out the old Liberal playbook of insults. The ends justify the means, right? How do you expect to be an argumentative know it all, if you ignore half of the facts? This is peculiar behavior. You are a self proclaimed “genius” with tremendous gaps in knowledge and understanding. You dig endlessly for negative information on Trump, as, you rebuke positive information. Didn’t notice: Highest consumer confidence in 15 years, record low unemployment, 80+ DOW highs, blah, blah, blah. You, Joe, are an intellectual fraud to yourself. Go get your “alleged PhD” smarty pants. I will start the clock.
On May 1,2019 at 2230 in the article about the Synagogue attack FBI forewarning you called yourself a “Libertarian Genius.” Just the other day you added a comma to alter the meaning of that statement. Come on Joe. Does your selective amnesia extend to your own writings now too? I don’t remember...I don’t recall...I don’t know anything at all. Self imposed denial of facts is no way to be the “smartest one in the room.” What, is the Trump economy the best in 50 years? I didn’t notice that. Lowest unemployment #’s...didn’t see that. Highest consumer satisfaction in 15 years...just a coincidence. Ha Ha, Joe. Joke on you brudda. MAGA! Trump is turning into a genius...and you are in perpetual denial of it.

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