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Philadelphia International Airport to test new screening

Published January 15. 2020 08:26AM

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Philadelphia International Airport will soon begin testing biometric screening on some international flights.

Three different facial recognition systems will be set up at gates that serve outbound flights for American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa and Qatar Airways beginning Tuesday, the airport said.

The screening process involves a facial scan, crosschecked with photos already on file with the Customs Border Protection’s traveler verification system.

Passengers can opt out of the screening by contacting an airline or CBP representative.

During the 45-day pilot program, officials will assess each system.

Philadelphia International will be one of 27 airports in the U.S. using the technology.

I suggest taking advice from the folks who secure Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport. Whatever they do, so should we.
This new method mentions nothing of human to human eye contact, agents trained to read behavioral cues, nor counts on plain old instinct.
Not sure the AFGE union contract would stand for that increased demand on their members withou renegotiating.
Sort of like, how Democrats won't stand for boarder security... wait!
#1: Our air travel infrastructure is far more complex and larger than a single airport
#2: If we adopted all the security measure at Ben Gurion at all airports in the United States that would mean trillions of additional funding. Are you willing to pay for it?
#3: I trust the United States to do a better job than any other country
We have over 50,000 TSA Agents to cover the airports.
I never said adopt all of the security measures, and how can you support that it would "mean trillions of additional funding"? No mention of how much this new system will cost.
You probably fought the idea of travel bans. The Knesset made travel restrictions a law, even using discriminatory tests to decide who may enter Israel, that won't fly here because of "Resist".
Are you part of the resistance of "Anything Trump"
Remind me when we had our last terrorist incident on an airplane in the country. None since we adopted the changes after 9/11. Look at everything they do at Ben Gurion and tell me it wouldn't cost trillions to adopt at over 1,000 domestic airports. Yes its a guess but its a pretty educated guess.

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