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Pa. trooper shot and wounded, prompting standoff in Tioga

Published December 10. 2019 04:16PM

ELKLAND (AP) — A Pennsylvania state trooper was shot and wounded Tuesday afternoon at a home in a rural area near the border with New York state, prompting a standoff with the barricaded gunman that lasted into the evening, authorities said.

Troopers were conducting a welfare check at the home in Nelson Township, in Tioga County, when they were met with gunfire, officials said.

One trooper was shot and was airlifted out. The trooper was conscious and alert, authorities said. State police initially reported that he underwent surgery, but later said he did not require it. He was listed in stable condition.

A second trooper suffered a leg injury. He was treated and released, authorities said.

State police swarmed the scene as the gunman barricaded himself inside for several hours after the shooting.

Three troopers had gone to the home after a person who has regular contact with the resident called to say the resident had been out of touch for several weeks, authorities said.

Troopers said they announced themselves, failed to get a response and then entered through an unlocked door. They called out again, they said, and that’s when a single shot was fired. The troopers retreated and requested backup, police said.

The shooting took place on a sparsely populated road just over the New York state line.

A nearby elementary school said it was in lockdown as a result of the shooting, and asked people to stay away unless it was an emergency. A high school more than 10 miles away also placed itself on lockdown but didn’t explain why, given the distance. Both schools said they would dismiss students as usual.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro tweeted they are praying for the injured trooper.

When you have the potus referring to our law enforcement as "scum" in his rallies, I fear we will see more attacks on our officers.
Let us be clear Joe. Just like a far liberal democrat taking words way out of context. Trump referred to the FBI staff involved in the FISA fraud. Not the every day agent going to work for the people. You have scum in every profession. Since I’m sure you know little about search warrant applications and electronic surveillance , those who abuse the process to “spy” on others are scum.
He made no such delineation. The IG report provides specific names of agents and administration involved in his case (who were exonerated of the charge that starting the process was politically motivated) that he could have specified but he chose, as he has numerous times, to lump the entire FBI together.
Whoa... just one minute there Joe.
Prayer is invoked, and you go politics?
Since you couldn't resist going there, first off, let's pray about such evil and division.
You accuse Trump of being responsible for this?
"our law enforcement as scum in his rallies" ?
Heck, I've never heard that. Better provide a sound bite, or a transcript liar.

While you hunt, let me provide some for you... Put your glasses on Joe.
Remember Ferguson? Barack said, "the Police Department in conjunction with the municipality saw traffic stops, arrests, tickets as a revenue generator, as opposed to serving the community, and that it systematically was biased against African-Americans in that city who were stopped, harassed, mistreated, abused, called names, fined." Barack Obama said that Joe. Here'sore Joe...

"There's been a lot of talk about body cameras as a silver bullet or a solution. I think the task force concluded that there is a role for technology to play in building additional trust and accountability, but it's not a panacea, it has to be embedded in a broader change in culture and a legal framework that ensures that people's privacy is respected and that not only police officers but the community themselves feel comfortable with how technologies are being used."
Barack Obama

"We have greater awareness of where we're falling short than we used to. Just take the example of community police relations."
Barack Obama

Joe, do you recall when Obama used a funeral memorial for five cops slain for their job and race by a black racist to state? I remember...
“I see people who mourn for the five officers we lost, but also weep for the families of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile?” You must have forgot that one, but I'm not done.

Look up the race riot-supporter Deray McKesson. Obama had the kid come to the White House in the aftermath of the Dallas shootings, and asked Louisiana police to give him back his backpack.

This is the same president of the United States who called up New York Mayor Bill De Blasio to praise him after De Blasio ripped his own police department and said that he had to tell his black son to walk carefully around police lest he be shot.

Perhaps the most memorable was... "If I had a son..." The Kenyan interjected, and had no information or details. It didn't matter, he needed to use that disaster to advance his agenda.

Remember how the Kenyan approved the Black Lives Matter agenda, even using memorials for murdered cops to do so. I do!

Obama could have tamped things down, nope, he’s used it as an opportunity to lecture police – a teachable moment against the victims. Obama believed in American racism both ideologically and for practical purposes. You see Joe, the useful idiots within the "Racism" industry found great bedfellow with the abominations of the past POTUS.

Obama owns this, he built this! The only thing he built was the hatred and division of the nation. Diablo in the Executive Office.

MAGA kick the Democrats off Capital Hill
You see Joe, we play king of the hill at the voting booth. You and the deplorable's can't win an election.
So tell me Joe... why you get your dander up for D J Trump, yet not others?
Just a mention of his name and you lib's get bunched panties.
Why could one get away with all kinds of dark activity and yet the other be called to the floor for made up non sense?
You're letting that fake news CNN twist you into a pretzel Joe.
Again, I'm dealing with the here and now. If there is a case to be made to charge Obama with crimes then the justice department should get on it and I won't argue.
But you didn't bother over 43, but 45 lives in your head so much, he couldn't cure cancer in a satisfying way to folk like you. They wouldn't touch Obama, they'd have been racists had they asked a few questions of him. Same for O's DOJ. But not Barr, oh boy, he's the next to jump into the fry pan.
Again, its helpful to stay in the here and now. I have no sacred cows, if someone is guilty of misdeeds go after them. Trying to deflect to 42, 43, 44, etc isn't advancing the discussion on 45. How about this, lets lock up the last 5 presidents, done. Now discuss the matter at hand without obsessing over the past..
No sweetie, he's winning. His numbers climb with every statement Nasty Nancy and spineless Nadler puke out of there mumbling lips. Pasty, spineless loosing Democrats. Better bail C-Girl, that ship of liars is sinking fast, even faster than CNN in the ratings.
Bwah ha ha ha
You lib's ain't seen nothing yet.
Sorry Adopted. Only 4 in 10 think he should be re-elected.
Also he just called the FBI scum when he was parading his deranged words in Hershey.
Number at rally is superficial. They just wanna be on TV. :)
Amazing how it is 4 in 10 but I know no one that has actually gotten polled. And the FBI that did the investigation is pretty sleazy. They deserved to be called out. Amazing how so many on here call Trump out for that but refused to call Obama out for being ok with violence on police or the current NYC mayor being ok with violence on his officers.

Oh, sorry. I forgot, this day and age we just hate someone blindly and do anything to have our way. The blind rage against one person is amazing. I did not like Obama but I respected his position and acknowledged he was president as many others did. Yet, the democratic party refuses to do any of that.

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