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Narcan used to revive man

Published November 13. 2018 07:50AM


The drug Narcan was administered to a Carbon County man who was found unconscious from an apparent drug overdose.

State police at Lehighton said the incident occurred at 2:48 p.m. on Nov. 9 at Spruce Road and Forest Drive in Lower Towamensing Township.

Troopers said a Palmerton man was found in a disabled vehicle in a overdose state. Narcan was administered to revive him. Numerous packets of suspected heroin were found in the vehicle. The man was taken to the Palmerton hospital for a blood test.

Criminal charges, including driving under the influence and drug counts, are pending test results.


What the police should do in an instance like this is take them straight to a rehab facility for a mandatory 6 month stay. If they's a one year jail sentence.
The druggies get FREE drugs, but I have to PAY for mine at the pharmacy. Something is wrong with this picture. Let the druggies die. The world would be better off.
I tended to think the same way.... let those knuckleheads kill themselves. However, when my own child got hooked on heroin because of an inability to cope with losing a parent, I now see how the process of addiction works. And it can happen to anyone. What I think is that instead of reviving them and encouraging them to seek help for their problem, mandate a 3 month stay at a rehab. And take away state and federal benefits like food stamps and housing assistance. Also use whatever assets they have to pay for it. And enforce a payback through wage garnishment and keeping their income tax refunds.
Most importantly, secure our borders! Hundreds of thousands of dollars of drugs are walking over our southern border every single day.
This is no joke, it's all of our kids and grandkids futures we need to be responsible for. While we are trying to be brainwashed into thinking that we should take care of the rest of the world and welcome everyone just because America is "wealthy", and it's the trendy thing to do. Where do we go when these people waving flags of the country they are "fleeing" have become such a burden that the taxpayers breaking their back to pay for it all refuse to continue to pay taxes?
We will see how many government employees and officials will "volunteer" their time to continue these ridiculous hand-out policies with no paycheck. Let's stop being the world leading country of enablers. Let's start enforcing accountability for everyone's actions. Especially when it comes at a cost to all who work hard and pay taxes!

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