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Monroe County races

Published October 31. 2019 01:44PM

George Warden is doing a good job as Monroe County prothonotary. Ken Morris has been doing a good job as Monroe County deputy sheriff. Both deserve election on Nov. 5.

Margherita Worthington and Jenifer Sibum are both doing good jobs as judges and deserve retention.

Incumbent commissioners John Moyer, Charles Garris and John Christy are doing a lousy job.

Fire them!

Moyer, Garris, and Christy ordered the countywide tax reassessment. The outfit they hired did a lousy job.

Some 6,000 people appealed their reassessments. That reassessment outfit hired people off the street to do the work — they messed up big time. Yet the reassessment outfit charged the county (taxpayers) some $6 million for their crappy job.

Don’t forget these incumbent commissioners, Moyer, Garris and Christy, are ultimately responsible for the horrible problems with the Monroe County bus (Pocono Pony). Vote instead for Sharon Laverdure!

See the for details.

Mike Vianello



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