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Man charged with sexual abuse of child

Published October 19. 2019 05:38AM

A Lehighton man has been charged with the sexual abuse of a child.

According to the affidavit of probable cause filed by Daniel Block, a special agent with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations of the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, and Kathryn Murray, a special agent with the United States Department of Homeland Security:

On Sept. 4, Daniel Kleintop, 46, of the 1100 block of Main Road, was arrested for the crimes of sexual abuse of children and criminal use of a communication facility as the result of a CyberTip from Facebook indicating that a person using a profile under the name of Dan Kleintop had uploaded a video of child pornography.

A search warrant was obtained for his residence, and another search warrant was obtained for the electronic contents of Kleintop’s Facebook account, which revealed at least four videos of child pornography.

On Aug. 13, a search warrant for Kleintop’s electronic devices was served and his cellphone was seized.

A forensic review of Kleintop’s cellphone revealed six photographs of apparent child pornography involving an identified victim.

Block and Murray were able to identify the child depicted in the photographs, and spoke with the victim’s mother, who estimated her age between 4 to 6 years.

On Sept. 25, Block and Murray, met with the victim, who is now 11.

She told police that Kleintop had her touch him one time in his bedroom.

Kleintop faces charges on six counts of sexual abuse of children (possession of child pornography); five counts of sexual abuse of children (manufacturing child pornography) and one count each of criminal use of a communication facility, indecent assault and corruption of minors.

He is currently incarcerated in the Carbon County Correctional Facility in lieu of $200,000 bail, and is scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Oct. 25 before District Judge William Kissner of Palmerton.

Edit * Please go to my comment at the very end for more info. Taylor Ecker gave an impact statement in Harrisburg on October 2nd during the Informal House Judiciary Committee on sexual assaults. I mentioned her name in a previous post. She did not even realize until she took a Health Class that she was indeed being sexually assaulted in her own home. It was not by an adult. *It was by her step brother. Please know about this aspect of sexual assault and be aware of the possibilities. Kids are on the internet and have access to Porn.
While I don't condone child sexual assault I'd like to point out that it, like homosexuality has been happening since the beginning of time. Young girls have been married off before they could menstruate. In some LDS communities and obviously the Catholic Church and Protestant religions the abuse of children has hit alarming rates. Denmark produces a huge deal of child porn. Adults in 3rd world countries pimp out their children. I say all this because it is obviously something people do, you don't learn or choose to molest kids.

My grandfather molested almost all of his 9 children and the effects of it spread to his grandchildren and beyond. I was not sexually abused thankfully. I was physically, mentally and emotionally abused and now suffer from alcoholism, addiction, negative personal relationships all because of the damage it caused a parent who took their anger out on their spouse and child.

Now this man will have to deal with the stigma of being labeled a Sex Offender. People with these urges need to know there is help available before they face criminal charges. They also need to know that their thoughts cannot be punished, only their actions can be. We need to be better advocates in this regard or it will continue to destroy people's lives.
ARE YOU TWO ABOVE MAD? Are you both insane? This is why Sexual abuse and molestation is such an epidemic over there in Lehighton because among some of your German/Dutch families You see it as acceptable behavior simply because its been going on for generations. What I see is two untreated victims WHO THINK THIS IS NORMAL. Ladies its not. Sexully abusing a child is akin to cutting off the whiskers of a cat-THEY CANNOT NAVIGATE THE WORLD AFTER BEING ABUSED. Wake the hell up-You both need help.
All I can say is “wow” to Krystal Meth”. Her name alone shows she needs mental help. Please seek somebody out. Reread the beginning of your first post(Krystal)You act like this persons behavior is ok.... you belong locked up yourself. I can’t even read the rest of the posts krystal posted and neither should you because you are just wasting your time with people who aren’t right. I seriously can’t believe someone wrote that..... just wow.... just as bad as it happening...
Nowhere in my post do I say it is acceptable. The first thing I said was I don't condone child sexual abuse. I don't know where you went to school but they must not have had or taught you what a dictionary was. I pointed out figures stating it is a problem. You people are the problem sure as hell not the solution!
This POS is another prime candidate for mandatory castration. Once convicted -- no exceptions.
Maisey I dare say you might be confused, and quite frankly I don't know what you are taking about. Sexual abuse is happening world wide not just in Carbon Co. It is in the news because it is now being taken seriously. Perhaps you should read a little more. I was never sexually abused, so where did you get that idea. I add comments after TN articles to share information, or just to make people think. Do you even know about the disgusting, vile, Porn that has been available to men in this country for at least 60 yrs. I think you should start with knowledge of Beasteality and Snuff movies (illegal). The biggest purchasers of Porn to my knowledge is in the Bible Belt.
Countrygirl, Im the furthest thing from confused. IM A SEXUAL ABUSE COUNSELOR AND Im a survivor-SO.....dont get it twisted, I know full well with what I speak of. There really is an underlying pervasive culture of sexual abuse going on over there-yes its in the news everyday, and all over the world, but in our little part of the world Lehighton is the front runner. Sexual abuse is the act of taking power from a child and its an act of violence. Its patternistic, passed down from generation to generation UNLESS people get help. Porn is one thing-its disgusting, its abhorent, but it actually, statistically has nothing to do with the actual act of sexually abusing a child. Families are only as sick as the secrets they keep-remember that. Oh no darlin, your confused, not me, I've had a lifetime to learn about it, you might want to do your homework
I hope that this man rots in hell for all that he has done to that poor child he stole her innocence and now she will struggle for the rest of her life to get over this. Where was the mother in all of this? Sometimes being over protective is the way to protect. You people need to WAKE UP!
The problem is too many parents are on drugs or too self absorbed to see what is going on in their child's life. Don't forget about everyone being glued to their shiny camera phones.
And what is that supposed to mean Mr. Thunder. That comment came from algorithms set by computer sales I saw in the past, not recent tho. If you have more accurate, current information, please share it.
Interesting Mr. Military Man, I just came across the top viewer state in the Country and that is.... drum roll.......UTAH ! Don't worry, I have seen Porn. Women need to teach men about many things in that arena, including soo much Navigational direction to the G spot and others.
Interesting you should mention Utah. The first time I flew into Salt Lake City more than 30 years ago, I went to the men's room at the airport. A man and a woman were in the stall next to me obviously enjoying one another's company. And I thought I was flying into a straitlaced puritanical region. I know this is only one anecdotal example, but I have read many accounts of how lascivious things can get (always behind closed doors) when you loosen the buckle on the Bible Belt.
Sorry but I don't follow the Stepford Wives thinking Mr. Rivertube. Is the reality of everyday life upsetting you. I think you need to listen to the music listed above. Cheers.
Gary these are the women who "allow" the abuse right under their own rooves-dont kid yourself, they are the first ones to turn their heads, and tell themselves ITS OK, grandad did it. And yes, they take drugs.
I guess this didnt happen in Lehighton either did it? Or is Lehighton the new Bible belt????

"The Atlantic" magazine - Viral Rape Shame article on April 22, 2013 by Alexander Abad Santos prompted me to bring up Taylor again. I have read and heard that young girls are pushed to perform acts they are not comfortable with. Its still available on the internet. Again my focus here as above, was on youth, internet porn, and sexual aggression toward girls.

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