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LVHN gets OK for hospital in Mahoning

Published November 18. 2019 08:05PM


Lehigh Valley Health Network received approval Monday night to go ahead with plans for a hospital in Mahoning Township.

The $65 million project will include a 89,000-square-foot facility, to be called Lehigh Valley Hospital−Carbon.

It is planned for 35 acres of open farmland on the north side of Blakeslee Boulevard, catty-corner to the Walmart Superstore.

Initial plans call for a hospital that includes all private rooms for inpatient care and a medical office building.


See complete details in Tuesday’s Times News


Ugh disgusting! This company needs to slow down and worry more about their patients instead of worry about building more hospitals!
NOT TRUE-that rating is from directed polls-you should only pay attention to the rating given by the Joint Hospital Commission-they only one that counts, and BTW-LHVH SUCKS-only concerned with money, not patients.
Rated highly by many organizations...where do u get ur info from? fake news...BTW u r selfish..many want more choices..they all suck but u get 2 choose ur many in the area have insurance that st lukes doesnt accept...think about others,please..
And your a jerkoff liberal idiot!!! What’s wrong with having another hospital??? I sure as hell wouldn’t go to the Lehighton hospital if I needed anything seriously done medically!! Most people from around here drive to the LV area anyhow for medical care so why not have a major hospital right here to compete with the new ST Luke’s???
Congrats to LVHN and Mahoning Township. Competition is good and LVHN is an amazing organization with high quality healthcare. They saved my life. Great to have them so close- can't happen soon enough.
LVHN is a great organization. The people running it you moron probably won't be directly from the area and may be moving into the area. I guess you don't have any teeth either if you live here. It will save alot people lives and travel time to an appropriate facility
LHVH SUCKS in plain English. Wha I fiasco I had to go through today at their imaging facility. NOT TO MENTION a doctor Im now suing and a Hand therapist who used to work for that doctor, when the therapist dropped a 30lb machine on my POST OP FRACTURED HAND and the doctor refused to even xray it because he was covering the azz of a former employee. I had to have reconstructive surgery in Philly in March of this year and a plate put in because of these morons. STAY AWAY FROM LHVH-Their attitudes, their skills-THEY SUCK-St. Lukes is a totally different and amazing atmosphere with skilled clinicians and kind people-NOT LIARS like these guys-LHVH is all about money, not patients and quality control
If you have a problem with me, I live right off 209, come see me, Your pretty brave behind that computer screen. What are you the spelling police? GET A LIFE
LHVH might be horrible, but this is LVHN Mahoning!
It could be great, especially if your wisdom could influence it in the "Great" direction.
I just think having two new hospitals provides choice.
Choice is Great!
Come to think of it... America is Great by keeping the fusses few.
Keep America Great!
Let's keep America Great!
In that case they all suck..horror stories from st lukes also...why not give people a choice? and for your information many people in the area have insurance that st lukes doesnt accept..u r selfish..many want LVHN here..
Sad posts. Lehigh Valley has the best Burn Unit in several Counties. Geisinger in Danvile and Wilkes Barre send people to LVHN .

For those worried about Tax breaks- every Hospital files Non for Profit. It's an Accounting process. For those who have ever taken Accounting (which I doubt any have on this board) They give so much free care verses their income and they can be listed as non for profit. This counts as write off from what they accept from insurance verses what they actually charge your insurance.

By the way, I was at the Meeting. The Farmer of the 35 acres of Land they bought from was just paying $26 dollars a Year to the Borough in Taxes. Lehigh Valley will be paying over 40 thousand with transfer taxes. So do not state a fabrication when you were not at the meeting.
The point of healthcare, in America, is to make money. Period. Helping the patient is a happy coincidence. LVHN is non-profit, too. Go figure.
The ACA has changed the "Charity" within our healthcare system. I won't say what we had was perfect, but it was, in a sense, a socialized system, and perhaps more deserving of tax exemptions, or non-profit status then, than what it is now. Prior to ACA, a hospital would charge my insurance $5 for an aspirin, so they could extend a charity of a free aspirin to the needy.

Hospital: Latin (hospes) for guest or stranger. Sounds like the story of the Good Samaritan.
Patient: patior (to suffer) (a place where suffering strangers come for care) How novel.
Today's a hospital, is a community institution where the sick or injured are given love, and medical care.
A community devoted to healing the whole patient, and not just the disease.
It's where the “community” is as central as the individual.
Many comments here indicate a less than a community feeling.
(Not Charitable)
Come on folks, have we become so divided, that we fight over hospitality?
God Help Us.
Vote Hillary is another one of those self righteous, ignorant, uneducated people that thinks she/he is "better" than others. That's right cut others "down" to make your self look "better." I happen to be a native and most natives have their teeth. And yes some do not because they can not afford dental care. The same is true for people that can not afford dental care who live in the suburbs or city.
I'm all for the competition of the hospitals! It will help drive down prices for insurance companies and the people who have to pay for their care. This competition will bring us 2 modern up to date hospitals to ensure our sick/injured and elderly population get the best immediate care possible. Anyone against this is a moron!
Must be getting ready for" Medicare for all" because the only thing keeping hospitals open is medicare patients and a elderly population
Because of the (his) responses to the various articles. Why would a Hillary supporter bring her up now. I dare say women are way past that election, except the right wing that loves to start hate and discontent.
Typical arrogant statement (Vote Hillary) who thinks he is better than others, except intelligent native's can see right through his insecurity and poor self esteem.
I'm just guessing that they bring her up (their username) because they had that username for about 5 years now

But don't let facts get in the way of the nonsense you wanna believe.

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