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Lowe’s helps build shed for nonprofit

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    John Dworsky, member of the Friends of Beltzville State Park, shows off a maintenance shed built at no cost by employees of Lowe’s in Lehighton through the company’s “Helping Hands” program. JARRAD HEDES/TIMES NEWS

Published September 11. 2019 12:40PM


The Friends of Beltzville State Park unveiled its new maintenance shed Tuesday built as part of a Lowe’s neighborhood initiative.

John Dworsky, member of the Friends of Beltzville State Park, said the nonprofit has been in need of a shed for quite some time and was able to connect with Lowe’s through the store’s Helping Hands project.

“They do one project a year for a local nonprofit or organization and it lined up nicely with what we needed here so they came out and built it for us and it didn’t cost us a dime,” Dworsky said.

The shed is located next to Beltz­ville’s environmental interpretive center and will serve multiple roles.

“It’s a storage shed, but also we have some activities here so when people come to our pollinator garden, we’ll open the shed and display some of our stuff that we’ll have for sale,” Dworsky said. “The park lets us use the interpretive center, but it’s a government building and we try not to infringe upon them too much.”

Lowe’s employees spent a few days building the shed in August, and visitors on Thursday seeing it firsthand included members of the Friends organization and state Rep. Doyle Heffley. Heffley lauded Lowe’s and the nonprofit for working together for the greater good.

Had the store not stepped forward, Dworsky said, the shed would have likely cost the group between $2,500 and $3,000 to build on its own.

“Plus, they have the expertise,” he added. “Not everyone is a carpenter, so for them to lend their abilities, it was very much appreciated.”

Britt Roberts-Faulk, the Lowe’s store manager in Lehighton, told Dworsky on Tuesday that the employees thoroughly enjoyed the work and came back excited about what had been accomplished.

Dworsky said the Friends are always looking for volunteers to help spruce up the park.

“Anyone who is interested can contact Alma Holmes, park manager, and she can get you set up with an individual program,” he added. “Many hands make light work.”


Why doesn't Lowe's retain their employees instead of looking for PR? Livin' in a shed down by the river! Jobs lost, jobs lost, Jobs lost! MAGA!
DO/T2C what is wrong with this good gesture by Lowe’s employees? How does this nice act bother you? If you don’t like the shed...then don’t look at the shed. Is that difficult? DO, you can be as dumb as you want to be, but, you are crazy. You need to hug your emotional support bunny rabbit if this bothers you. If a little shed bothers you, you are weak. You insult others like a vulgar rude bully, yet you display how tough you are by being intolerant of a shed. You are like all bullies, weak. You display extreme mental illness with this post...for all to see. America is great. MAGA! The shed is beautiful. Record profits, record jobs, record economic numbers...and local results. Nice job Lowe’s and your employees.

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