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Look to Germany as a warning

Published September 20. 2019 11:10AM

To the Editor:

Proponents of “clean energy” in the United States often cite Germany’s wind industry as a model for the renewable energy industry. Recent statistics from Germany tell a different story.

The expansion of wind power in Germany fell by more than 80 percent in 2019 in response to growing public resistance and multiple lawsuits filed against the industry by conservation groups and local communities protesting the visual pollution, environmental impacts and health hazards of siting turbines close to residential areas.

The price of electricity for households and businesses in Germany reached an all-time high in 2019, with a mandatory “renewables surcharge” accounting for more than 21 percent of the bill. Despite Germany’s huge investment in renewable energy, carbon emissions in Germany have been rising since 2009. While wind turbines emit no greenhouse gases during operation, the figures mount rapidly when factoring in carbon emissions from the manufacture, transport, construction and maintenance of turbines, and the loss of carbon sequestration when vast quantities of land are cleared for wind farms.

Scientists in Germany recently published data showing a 75% drop in flying insects on German nature preserves over the past three decades. Given the dangers of wind turbines to birds, bats and insects, one might speculate that Germany’s obsession with wind power is a factor in the decline.

With 28,000 onshore wind turbines, one third of which will need to be decommissioned within the next five years, Germany faces the monumental task of disposing of tens of thousands of nonrecyclable turbine blades in the country’s limited landfill space.

Given these statistics, we must look to Germany not as a “model” but as a warning of what to expect if we follow Germany’s example of relying on wind for our energy needs.

Juliet Perrin


The study on insect loss made dramatically different conclusions than this letter writer:

"The main drivers appeared to be habitat loss and land conversion to intensive agriculture and urbanisation, followed by pollution, mainly from pesticides and fertilisers, invasive species and climate change."

Increases in electricity cost is good. It forces conservation and changes in habits that are not sustainable in the long run.

Thank you Juliet. I talk with many people on this, and other things we can learn from Germany. Wind and Solar industries will shrink here as well, because in a free market system they won't survive... well withour government subsidies. The windmills I saw today were an eye sore. It was the first time I was able to get that close to these bird chopping giants.
I think we should be looking at the problems Merkle brought upon her people with the migrations from Muslim Shi _ Holes. Merkle was after cheap labor, the Democrats are after votes. Short sighted proggresive idiots.
Drill, Frack, and split atoms.
Nice post Juliet. Meyers is right. Wind & Solar aren’t there...yet. Government subsidies keep both sources hanging on. Germany is a fine example of what not to do. Climate Change Freaks are emotional instead of rational. This is a liberal feel good measure about to go wrong...again.
I see this latest Global Climate Change Hoax as being toxic to our youth. They're scaring the kids over fake science. This has turned in to child abuse. Scaring our young people to where they don't want to have children? We'll be forced to import a workforce.
That is right Joe. You addressed this before. There is no such thing as pure Capitalism. Over time, certain industries have evolved to be partially subsidized. Nothing is wrong with this as you allude. Industries that are concentric to national security, as like crippling to our national well-being if attacked are subsidized. Also, industries that require burdensome set up costs, like the mining industry, that requires petroleum engineers to find fields, and mines to be drilled are subsidized. Also, industries that are highly regulated lend themselves for easy analysis and eventual subsidization. The oil, gas, and coal industries are vilified by those who misunderstand their vital importance in the role they play in the greatness of America. America is rich because of oil, gas, and coal. Thank God President Trump has shifted us to be energy efficient. Thank God America has a vast land of natural resources.
Subsidizing energy that actually works? Why not, when you compare to the wind and solar options.
It was Obama's $80 billion clean-technology program that woke me up to the waste tax money. Do you remember Solyndra, the Solar Panel Scam?
Just got back from Catawissa PA. Passed over a ridge that was cluttered with huge bird and insect choppers. They are ugly, and they were hardly turning... unreliable energy source.
Three Mile Island shut down at noon today, and with the lacking power from the bird grinders, my lights are flickering. Drill Baby... Drill.
What will become of those ugly structures after they outlive the returns?
As for killing birds? Who's going to shut them down over a silly bird or insect?
The "Green Way" people power their thinking with whipped up emotions. Please take a moment to find out who's stirring the emotions and why. I'm a tech guy, but...
Power costs in Germany are very high. Only Germany is building coal fired power plants because of the uneven nature of generating 'renewable' power. It simply has NOT worked out as they expected with Germany desperate to find some method to store renewable power for use when it's needed. Be VERY CAREFUL what you ask for when it comes to 'renewable power'.

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