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Local kids make the most of their snow days

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    RIGHT: Landon Abelovsky of Lehighton used the snow day to shovel for a neighbor. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

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    ABOVE: Talon and Arri Cambria, ages 11 and 7, of Coaldale shoveled snow for their grandmother.

Published January 18. 2018 11:28AM

So you think kids don’t shovel snow anymore?

Don’t tell that to the youths who spent the snow day Wednesday working for relatives and neighbors.

Landon Abelovsky of Lehighton shoveled for an elderly neighbor after helping his parents with their walk.

“It takes about an hour and a half, depends on how much snow there is.

He would have spent the day learning math, science and reading at Shull-David Elementary, but instead got to earn $15 for his work. Like a good businessman, he planned to stash some away for the future.

“I’ll probably spend it on a Nerf gun, and put half in the bank,” he said.

He also made his parents proud. His mom, Autumn, said it helps learn the value of a dollar, help the community and stay active.

“I think getting the kids out — especially on days when they could be stuck indoors on electronics — is so important,” she said.

Landon said he’s accepting new customers and would welcome other young shovelers from Lehighton to help out.

The young entrepreneurs are a point of pride for their parents. Several sent in photos and messages of the kids as they shoveled.

Talon and Arri Cambria, ages 11 and 7, of Coaldale, shoveled and blew snow for their grandmother, Lori Zonca, in Lansford. Zonca said the snow presented a challenge for the Panther Valley students because it was the biggest yet, but the boys were up to the challenge.

“Talon lives running the snowblower and making money. Arri loves helping his big brother and is always there to help,” she said.

“We don’t have to walk far to shovel. We have a lot of older people in our area,” Zonca said.

They knock on people’s doors and ask if they want them to shovel.

“We do not charge, but if they want to pay us they can,” Zonca said.

After the work, they set out to play, making a snow fort.

Anthony and Madison Outlaw, ages 12 and 11, of Lehighton, have been shoveling for a couple of years. During winter storm Stella in 2017 they worked from morning to night.

“I don’t see kids around here doing it … like when I was growing up, but my kids are doing it and they run out the house every time I get a message on Facebook,” their mom, Ginger, said.

Most kids spend their snow days wrapped up with their electronics — Landon Abelovsky said it’s his favorite thing to do after a day of shoveling — but shoveling for neighbors and relatives was a good day to spend part of the day away from those distractions.

“I’m so happy these kids are out and about. It gives them something to do on their day off school besides sitting and playing video games!” Ginger Outlaw said.

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