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Local election results

Published November 05. 2019 08:58AM

Click on the link below for the latest election results.


I voted at palmerton ambulance n the lady that put ballots thru was telling a guy she is a demo. N then they starting talking bout stuff so everyone heard. She should b run out of there. That's totally wrong. Who do I call to get her in trouble or removed
The new voting system is horrible it’s like going back in time. I’m not sure if my ballot was cast. They said it got jammed and I never got to see it on the screen. Who ever made the decision to change to this should have their head examined. Common sense tells you this is not going to work.
My ballot had to be run through twice before it indicated it went through. The black magic markers go through to the other side. Hope the scanner doesn't mistake these as a vote for someone else. I felt like I was back in the 50's/60's or at a Russian polling place. I'd like to see a cost figure on the electronic machines junked by the State, including the cost of setting up this farce.
Remember to vote for your friends or people you know, not who is best for the job. If you don't know anyone, then be sure to vote straight ticket Republican or Democrat, because whatever your party affiliation is, the other party is the bad one who will destroy the city, county, state, or nation. If all else fails and you're in a bind, vote for the incumbent because you recognize the name.
Yes Krystal you are right EXCEPT the lehighton school board which ethics is not existant, nepotism is rampant and people in this school district love to vote in tax increases!
Actually, the moral majority was obtained in the Lehighton Area School district. Two candidates (Nathan Foeller and Richard Beltz) will add to the three existing for a moral majority.

This is a great thing, and at the Policy meeting tonight the moral leverage was applied. The policy committee was forced to adopted the public complaint policy, with a public complaint form and board accountability. It will take the board to officially adopt the new policy.

But a moral win

Man citizen .. I missed that it is good news we finally got rid of those hometown idiots and there majority! Unfortunately the JERKS already won we now have 2 new schools that we didn't need and a fafafafootball stadium!

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