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Lehighton School District responds to alleged hazing at middle school

Published December 19. 2019 11:34AM


An alleged hazing incident at Lehighton Area Middle School remains under investigation.

Concerned Voices for Lehighton Schools Facebook group posted on Monday: “There has been several incidents at the middle school that are playing out on social media.

“We have been reluctant to address them because we believe in the system. Is the system sometimes wrong? Yes. But overall the staff in our district works very hard for our children.”

The group alluded to the reputed hazing incident.

“Was there a hazing incident? Again we are not directly involved. But the incident involves children and again in the end any discipline will remain confidential (unless the families involved choose to make it public).”

The school district released the following statement late this morning:

"The LASD Administration was forwarded information of an incident that involved several MS (middle school) students. Immediately after the administration was notified, Lehighton School Police were contacted, along the Lehighton Borough Police.

"An internal investigation took place and is continuing to take place in compliance with school policy and procedures. Students' parents have been contacted and notified of this pending investigation. In addition to the investigation taking place within the school, the Lehighton Borough Police are conducting an investigation into the same incident.

"Student confidentiality laws prevent us from disclosing the identities of any students involved or the specified school discipline measures taken. Lehighton Area School District's primary responsibility is to provide a safe and secure environment for all children and we will continue to make a "good faith" effort to assure the safety of all students."

Borough police Chief Brian Biechy said police are not commenting at this time because the investigation is not complete.

Protect the students, save the community. This has been heard on many levels and regrettably ignored by many as well.

When we protect the students we save the community.

The Concerned page identified in this article has been in support of the incumbents (Stern, Wentz, Spinelli) that accepted Reach Committee support, a political group who was funded, in part,
by the PSEA-PAC. So, we have to ask, who is "WE?" in the full FB rant.

The excerpt "We have been reluctant... " used in this article failed to include the myriad of questions these people that created the ranting post asked the parents. And most importantly, if they are reluctant because they believed in the system. What system? And why did their belief wane?

I feel we have a board of rubber stampers that block lawful transparency, a broken system. So what did they know and when did they know it, and what happened to break the reluctant past?

What are on the top of your list to be answered concerning the safety of our students in this government facility?

These follow up questions are on top of my list to be answered:
Who identified this as alleged hazing? Was it the administration, the board, the staff, the victim(s), the police?

The lack of basic transparency seems to only add to the questions. If this was hazing, a big if, which sport? School hours, school grounds, who was responsible for supervison? Where were they?

The privacy of students is paramount.
The privacy of the children are well respected and required by law. The rights of the parent to know what is happening in our district is also important so the parents can educate and protect their children accordingly.

The sharing of basic facts need not violate the privacy. Statements made by the government agency can curb the rumor mill. In my opinion the community deserves lawful transparency.

What the heck is going on in our government schools? Who is holding the administration accountable? Who will hold the board accountable?

Morality starts at the top.

Our prayers to the student(s) that suffered harm. When proper protection is lawfully required, we as a district should ensure every students safety. To expect less or accept less is just immoral.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

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David again you cant have full transparency when it comes to the children of school district
It is also a active investigation so again these questions cant be answered at this time
That is the basics
But that being said it is time to litsen to these children they are screaming for help
The question I have for you what is your solution to help the kids in this school district
Are you just going to stand to the side and scream and yell or are you actually going to help
When the screams of our students go unheard, it is time for the parents and community leaders to elevate their voice.

Please attend the next board meeting and demand answers from your public servants responsible to oversee these government administrators and government staff.

Look at the good side, prior to my election citizens were ejected and silenced for speaking up against the evil regime. Now, everyone has a voices.

God bless you and Merry Christmas to you and your family.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

David please stop the crap
You now silence the voices of the citzens of this school district everytime they disagree with you

What are the screams of the kids saying what do they need what do they want
What policies can we change
What is your solution
So, this comment was later found to be not as truthful as first presented. Upon receipt of a tell all letter, it was reported that the letter was presented to the police by Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

A emergency meeting of the board was suggested by myself and ignored by the immoral majority.

Both are character driven actions and should prove, we are more than just screamers. Actions toward protecting the students and saving the community.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Concerned parent

Lawful transparency is a requirement, lawful transparency. Don't be obtuse. No names, no video, no gory details. Just the facts needed to educate a community on how to protect their children while attending a government school.

The solution to all these problems is for the stakeholders to enforce policy written and adopted by a moral government that is held accountable to the people. The public servants need to serve the people. The end to the PSBA and other lobbyist who help write ambiguous policy that is adopted by a rubber stamping board should be an improvement to students rights and student protection.

As for full transparency, we seek lawful transparency, there is a managerial difference.

However for the sake of all the parents who are currently enrolled and therefore MANDATED to send their children to this government institution, they should apprised of all the risks, and all the current policies. As documented in the school policy, stakeholders should be involved in the district hiring process using lawful transparency. All board members should have access to attend the personnel committee meetings. Basic common sense stuff like that Concerned Parent.

Lies, decietful statements and failures to act can combine with rubber stamping directors and the abdication of authority creating an immoral government. Is the government more loyal to the safety of the students or the staff? What do their actions tell you?

Let's clean house. The idea that we protect the students to save the community is not new.

There are numerous instances within this district where the board failed to honor their oath of office. That would be the first step. What do you think?

Are moral government actions important?
How about the supervision of students?
Will the publically elected board abdicate their lawful authority to adjudicate the application of policy to the very administration being investigated?
Will the administrators 'run the investigation' without lawful managerial oversight by the board?
Will the board hold every government employee accountable to policy?

In the past creepy things were witnessed. Did you review the meeting minutes when a LASD board accepted the resignation of a teacher that confessed to corruptions of a minor, and sexting a student?

When will this government board of, by and for the people show evidence of serving the best interest of the community?

I have two years left on this board to steer moral actions of our government board. I trust and hope you too will adopt the idea that we all need to protect the students and save the community. I don't know who coined that phrase, but I adopted it.

We'd all sleep better if we knew the government schools these enrolled students are mandated to attend were governed by moral individual directors focused on protecting the students and saving the community.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
David so your solution for everything is transparency but you dont understand and you should
Is that with minor children they are going to be protected and you wont get all the details you need not to mention with a open investigation again you are not getting all the details. UNTIL THE INVESTIGATION IS OVER NO DETAILS SHOULD BE PUT OUT THERE
These people have a right to be innocent until proven guilty not the other way around
What details would you want.
They have not abdicated anything they follow the rules and policies on hand
If you wanna change them go for it. thats your job

But I ask again what policies would you change to better protect these kids
What policies can we introduce that could help this not happen again
What would you do to better supervise the kids

Instead of yelling the same crap as you do about everything
What lies they havent made a comment about this situation
And please dont start calling people liars
When you tried to be deceitful and pass a motion with out all the details being exposed to the citzens
What is your plan
Please dont forget you have not tried to change one policy to date that could better influence these kids lives
You are a part of this board when are you going to put your ego aside and work with the other members to help rather then hurt these kids
Blame me all you like, my mom tells me my broad shoulders can take it

I dmit we need a more moral board. The past immoral board has caused havoc.

So far we have four taking moral actions, Gail, Rich, Joy and myself. Hopefully, the self proclaimed Christian business person will join us and protect the students and save the community.

Thank for all your support and criticism, anyone can change government and everyone should try. Even the wildly unique zealots of a broken system help us identity the problem areas. And for that we thank them.

Merry Christmas and thank you, pray for all your public officials to take moral action. I do.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
No see what you dont get is I dont put the blame on you
I put the blame on the board as a whole
I blame you because you wanna blame others without taking the responsibility your self
I blame you because all you do is bring chaos to this board
I blame you because you say you want to protect these students but you do nothing to improve their lives
I blame you because you are hypocritical you want transparency and when asked you arent transparent
You say the board members are dictators when you are trying to be one too

You ask for citzens of this school districts opinions and when they give it to you.
You knock them down
Have a Merry Christmas to you too
Now, concerned. Not one?

How about the
eye exams
Student's rights
Miranda warning
Parents complaint forms
Handbook meeting
Strip searches
School dance vulgarity issue
Vulgar re-tweet
CCTI dance permissions
to name a few.

And let's not forget transparency regarding
The sexting teacher
The abdication of authority
The failed past treasurer
Insurance selection
Committee meetings
Sunshine Act
Right to know law
Shall I go on?

Sale of schools
Closure of safe, debt free local schools
Debt increases
The unwarranted tax increase
Budget increases

How about the Solicitor problems and the lack of business manager reports.

Two years to go. Just getting started.

Help us protect the students and save the community. Rewarding volunteer work.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Not one time I'll say it again
I have the proof from the administration that what they are saying is true
Where is your information of them lying
I am still waiting we are still waiting

Yes 2 years to go that means you have had 2 years to make changes and all you have done is make people think this board is a joke and you have not improved the lives of any of these kids

You bring up all these things where are your lawsuites why didnt you follow thru with them
The fake investigation is being done by the corrupt Lehighton Police and the Corrupt Lehighton School Board. The outcome will be no one was caught hazing.
Under whose determination were these events determined to be hazing? Was that officially determined?

As for the investigation, under what lawful authority was an investigation authorized, and therefore, who is being investigated and for what and by whom?

These would be nice to clarify since this is a government agency that is operated under a strict set of laws, known as the policy of the district.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Again you cant know who is being investigated for what during the investigation is still going on and not to mention if a minor child is being investigated you may never know the who what and where and why

Isnt it innocent until proven guilty
Why should we people not involved. Find the person guilty before the investigation us over and a trial has been had

Let's protect the children and save the community with proper supervision and an active board that provides oversight to alleviate the risks of students being harmed.

When a public sector company is grossly over budget in staffing as compared to their industry peers, the management reviews the specifics to expose the differences and gives that information to the stakeholders, for them to make informed decisions.

The Lehighton Area School district board budget is about 9% higher this year. That increase occured in one year alone. The same line item related to personnel rose only about 30 in the last decade or so.

Do you think the management of the government agency, known as LASD, should review why the budget was increased so much in one year? Should the directors have access to detailed reports to share with the stakeholders?

Can the board president or any of the rubber stamping five that voted for this massive budget increase identify the reason?

Should the board president ask his spouse's boss, the Superintendent, to explain the increase to the board? The Code says the board is supposedly responsible to create the budget, and then give said board approved budget to the Superintendent for administration throughout the year. (With oversight of course).

Why is this district backwards, letting the subordinate Administration give the oversight board a proposed budget? Why didn't the board deliberate in public and create and approve the budget in plain sight of the stakeholders? Why does the budget have such an increase in taxes and spending?

Transparency please.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
So you want a active board which you are a part of
So I'll ask you again what policies would you change and how

Are you bring specific laws up at the next meeting

Again with the spouse thing you are just a tired out record
We are talking about the safety of our kids and you wanna go back to personal attacks and the budget

Please Answer the question what is your solution
Dear Concerned Parent,

Good morning and God Bless your little heart. Please, we are in America.

Government officials DO NOT rule the agency with authoritarian power, they are public servants, Directors not Dictators. Geez. In your best interest and that of those that read your comments, please consider enrolling in a civics class at LCCC. Do not beg or ask to be ruled by others.

The very idea of asking government to solve any problems is futile. Look at what caused all these problems, dictatorial decisions without public input, common sense or the simplest of moral standards. Where was the referendum vote. It was in the PA School Code to do one.

When the LASD taxed with a surplus, took on debt, and raised the budgets without stakeholders input they failed. Miserably.

We now need to protect the students and save the community. With a moral government of, by and for the people.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Wait hold up so you are saying dictators control the board
But yet didnt you try to become a dictator and have only the people you wanted to go over the finances of this school district
We never had a chance to vote for that
We never asked for that

Didnt you also try and be a dictator when you tried to sneak in a audit of the insurance policy
Wasnt it a competitor who you were trying to have the audit done by did you leave out the name so no one could question about it
We never had to chance to vote on that

And yes my friend we elected a board which you are a part of if you want change you can respectfully ask for change and write policies to do so

But when it comes to the budget we voted them into office we know what we were voting for

And before you say anything else if you have proof of misdealings post them
On your facebook or make a video of them dont say they are doing wrong when you wont be transparent enough to post them
I hope the entire community decides to attand and hold this government accountable to the current policy and force the immoral board to change the shortfalls in the policies that have been proven to fail in protecting the students and saving the community.

Secondly, I hope Rita, Stern, Wentz and Holland resign is shame that while they were Rubber-stamping the administration with their blind trust, our students went unprotected.

Lord knows we need our government to provide proper oversight, and hold the administration accountable. These rubber-stampers obstruct proper oversight, and proper governance.

I pray the concerned parents of this district look past blind trust of a corrupt system. Moral actions, with fidelity, transparently taken with stakeholders approval. A government of, by and for the people.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Let's ask Larry Stern, his wife Anita Stern, staff member, and her boss Superintendent Cleaver from Berwick fame to bring transparency to the government schools. Then, with the facts, we can properly assess the situation, and protect the students and save the community.

I have found that lies, half truths and lack of the whole truth, and lack of lawful transparency can corrupt
the community, creating division.

Let's ask our Business Manager for a report to be presented at board meeting and hold her accountable to the provide all the requested details that comprise the report.

Let's protect these students by giving them the same rights they have on the public streets and public library in our public schools. Let's truly be concerned parents and voice our concerns to protect the students and save the community, not defend chaos created by rubber stampers.

Ask staff member Anita and Board President Larry if their child suffered the fate of these students, would they sit idle, or would they stand up for students rights to protection in our public schools.

I hope Anita and Larry attend a board meeting together and respond to the the questions the people want answered.

Was it a lack of policy or lack of policy compliance that allowed these students to be harmed? Until the staff speak out against corruption, and provide lawful transparency, the community is silenced from properly creating the needed change.

A one year, nine percent increase in staff related spending could purchase a lot of things. The community is paying the bill, should they get the loyalty? Should the staff be contractually responsible to speak out against corruption when they see it?


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
So basically you have no answers it's the same bullcrap as before
You are not going to get the information because it's a minor not to mention it's a open investigation so they cant comment on it

You are just getting hot and bothered over something you cant do anything about
But please bring up the same crap about who is related to who because that helps

These kids need someone who is going to help not just stand aside and slam his fist
Where is your solutions
What policy changes are you for
Can we please get a idea
Mr.Bradley, I wonder why you avoid addressing what this article was about. These alleged incidents occurred under your watch as a board member, yet you find it convenient to call out the board members that are “ immoral”. You skirt the issue by going back and addressing past issues, yet offer no solutions other than calling for transparency on an issue that allows for little due to legalities. If certain board members should be held accountable, aren’t you culpable as well? This alleged incident is tragic if true, but has nothing to do with taxes, budgets, or former board members. I’m sure you will respond with your catch phrases, but I’d rather have some substance.
You are correct to blame me, and this board. However, we know less than that parents, and less than the students.

The blockage of factual data is far beyond that which is legally required.
Transparency is required to fix these issues, without the facts a resolution would be irresponsible. The administration works for the board. The board should have an executive session followed by a public meeting.
The parents need to protect the students and the stakeholders need to basic facts of what happened, lawful transparency, to tell their public servants running the school what to do, on their behalf to protect the students and save the community.

This article, and the lack of transparency is the primary discussion.

The application of policy or lack thereof.

The district is a government, comprised of policy and enforcement.
This article is an example of the failure this government has in being of, by and for the people. This article documents the harm our student are suffer when the board fails to be accountable to the people, and fails to hold the administration accountable.

So sorry I am not the fire and brimstone guy many percieve, just a public servant that wants the board to honor their oath, hold the administrators accountable, so we as a government school can be accountable to the public we serve. Everything less is just a corruption of the laws we have.

Thanks for asking. Why was the December meeting cancelled?


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Well again you might never know because of the fact it's a minor
But I do love how you continue to say in one breath you dont know what's going on and another you are saying that there was a lack of policy or the lack of the application of policy
It cant be both
This administration is being forthcoming with as much as of information as possible
We are talking about a minors and a open investigation
So when you stop blaming others for something they cant control
You will understand what is truly going on
I feel your version and tireless barrage of statements are tainted by your apparent and overwhelming support of activities found to be immoral by those that know better.

Let me try it this way.
The article suggests hazing, not me.
The article doesn't identify where and which sport, both are not privledged information. Hazing is defined in school policy, was that definition applied to these activities.

The article allegedly obtained information from the Administration and posters of a FB page. Who runs the FB page should be a pretty standard question to have identified. The board could ask such questions. The posted appears to have access to more information than the parents and community members. How were these details released?

Now as for facts, if the board held a meeting, as a moral board would, questions would be asked of our administration and staff holding them accountable. Such accountability would deter others from ignoring such failures. For that reason alone a meeting to discuss facts would be in order.

The questions not related to privledged personal information release are many.
Was this 'hazing' practice tribal in nature, for example was it a process passed down from one generation to the next?
Was this practice of hazing supervised by any adults?
Was the 'hazing' the result of staff interactions?

In the words of a famous movie related to 'hazing', did any one order a code red?

Were parents aware that students involved in a particular activity would be susceptible to such interactions in a government?
Were the staff aware that students may be susceptible to such interactions in a government school?
What behaviors and actions did the staff of theses government schools take to prevent such interactions?
Why didn't the actions by the staff obtain the targeted results of student safety?

You see, the government board has the responsibility to not only ask, but seek stakeholder input PRIOR to corrective actions.

The board is responsible to provide oversight, not a blind trust. So unless you can show me a related correspondence between the Administration and the board I feel you answered your own questions. This board appears to have abdicated their responsibility to provide oversight to the administration they were elected to oversee, and adopted a blind trust, removing lawful transparency. I find that immoral. What do you think? Is your board immoral when children are harmed and the board ignores to oversee the collection and review of facts? By allowing the staff to 'handle things' in-house without government oversight are they acting immoral?

Do you have a blind trust of Larry Stern? Wayne Wentz? Rita Spinelli or do you believe in government transparency to ensure these elected public servants are serving the public?

I seek lawful transparency and a government of, by and for the people.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Well first of all I dont condone any of this
I am just stating facts that cant be answered at this time
I am stating a fact that it's a open investigation and any answer to any of those question could taint any kind of prosecution if the investigation leads to a court date and a trial

The fact you have asked the question 10 time gives me the right to answer 10 times

But again at this time these questions s cant be answered because of the investigation
What dont you get
No matter what or how you say it these cant be answered

When the investigation is over we can ask these questions and get answers

This administration is not abdicating anything the police need to be involved in this investigation because the school board as you know has no authority to ask these question and demand answers
But the police do

But when it comes to trust and transparency
I am still waiting for your posts so please post them where ever you want

You are a part of this board mr bradley you are as corrupt as you say they are
So again with input from the citzens bull crap
Didn you ask the citzens about the audit of the insurance policy when you left off information about who was doing the audit
Or the fact that you knew who the company was
So were you misleading the citzens or just down right lying

And again were you trying to be a dictator when you tried to have a motion to only have your people on a board to go over the finances or was that just " moral oversight "

Like I have said respect goes along way
Your latest rant tells me you finally get it, and conceded to common sense logic. Thank you! The people deserve lawful transparency so they can guide their government of, by and for the people.

The students need protection, and the community needs to be saved from an immoral government.

Merry Christmas to you and good for you in having this exhaustive discussion on government morality.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
What the heck are you talking about
I trust the process and the administration to do what's best for the people of this community
And I believe that when they can give all details of what happned they will

I do love how you dont answer questions and you go on rant after rant and you think I'm exhausting
Answer the questions I posed to you david dont be non transparent
Whoa, sounds like I stuck an another open nerve. Are you back to protecting the Administration when I seek to protect the students?

The students need protection, and the community needs to be saved from an immoral government. The factual evidence we have is more than enough to come to that conclusion.

Merry Christmas to you and good for you, you were helpful in getting the word out exposing the board's immoral actions and lack thereof.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
So now you are saying you know facts
I thought there was no facts to be found
How are you protecting the children when you are basing your opinion on heresy
Did the police come back with a conclusion
Were there arrests were there convictions
Was there a plea deal
Or are you just claiming to know so you can claim to be in the right

If you have evidence of any wrong doing I bet the police would like to know

How are you protecting the children when you say something is factual when the investigation isnt even over

You talk about immoral actions what you are currently doing is immoral you arent allowing the process to be followed

I'm not protecting anyone
I'm protecting the process
I will and have been the first one to say they were wrong if they are wrong

But I'm not willing to say anything till the investigation is over
I wont make assumption because I dont know all the facts

So please do the same

Again what would you do to make changes if you know so much
So many exposed nerves, where do we begin and where does your rants end?

Protect the students, save the community. God Bless America.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Proof is in this Times News article related to children involved in an incident requiring police interaction.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
When a regime of elected officials rubber stamped the very people they were elected to oversee, there is bound to be trouble within the school.
The solution is to remove the immoral actions from government through lawful transparency.

When Larry Stern and the boss of board President Larry Stern's wife, the Superintendent, fails to organize an emergency meeting to inform the community of incidence occuring within our public government schools the system is failing in my opinion. Corrupt to the core.

As an individual board members, we can only beg and plead with Larry to do the right thing. As citizens we can only appeal to the kindness of his wife's boss who works as a subordinate to the district board, and lobby her boss, the Superintendent, to do the right thing and protect all our students from harm in the future and protect their privacy. Lawful transparency is an option lobbied here in the public press.

Silenced, no meeting is called, silenced the community sits uninformed of what we can needs to be done to protect of children in these government schools where the enrolled children are lawfully mandated to attend.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
David again you seem to know what has happned
What policies would you change to fix this situation
You havent said any policy you as a individual board member can be the leader in this situation but yet no policy no leadership
Just the same old same old

Is it immoral to try to lie or mislead the community you Were elected to lead
You do know that not being totally forthright with all information isnt very transparent

Or is it immoral to be a dictator while trying to get a motion to only have your people go thru the finances
We were elected to serve not lead.

Many policies need stakeholder review, and many procedures and handbook items as well.

Lawful transparency is provided as obtained and according to protocol.

The house of card folds, favoritism, cronyism and corruption are exposed as soon as the staff members with first hand knowledge choose to stand with the students and transparently exposes the truth. The fear of retaliation has to end.

The stakeholders and the parents deserve to have the students protected. It is time to have the stakeholders hold the government immoral board accountable.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.

Yes, the citizens deserve answers.
Yes, the community deserves their children to be protected in our government schools.

Only some of the board are acting immorally. Any immoral actions of the board need to be transparently exposed, reviewed and properly corrected.

Children are being harmed and that has been made publically clear by the administration with the inclusion of the police. The district deserves a board of, by and for the people to protect the students and save the community.

As the facts get released, the wall of corruption crumbles. God Bless all those that stood up to tyranny and chose to protect the students by providing their testimony to the proper authorities. Without brave souls, others can be at risk of being harmed.

Any child, or parent of a child, that was physically harmed, improperly touched, or harassed within the district, or on district property can and should report what happened to the State police on Interchange road immediately. Adding testimony can ol
only help the investigations.

Any activities of severity less than required by law to report to the police can be addressed by filing a formal written complaint to the government known as the LASD. It is my opinion that the filer of said complaint should be prepared to resist any intimidation, and leveraged by following policy and including the principal of the school, the Superintendent and the board. it is my understanding that a formal written complaint should follow school policy. It should be sent to the school principal AND the Superintendent AND the entire board as defined in school policy. Following policy is the best advice a friend can provide another friend seeking to protect the community children.

If the policy(s) suck, suggest a change and let's fix this mess.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
Well you are the one saying the process sucks
So what would suggest to change
Answer my questions that I have asked you

The proper process is being followed
You may not like it but they are
Again are you being immoral with your actions are you going to take responsibility for your own actions

So you are admitting the administration did its job realized it needed to be taken care of by the police and did their jobs
Now the police are not going to answer questions about a open investigation and neither should the administration
For two reasons one a open investigation and the other it's a minor and like it or not a minor has rights so stop posting your bullcrap

I can assure u that if my grandkids get physically or verbally abused or harrassed the state police will b called not by me but by someone watching me abuse the person who did it n then the board for not doing shit for it.
As an anonymous poster you are making many assumptions when you state that the staff and administration 'did all the right thing'. Those facts were still not transparently presented.

In a post 'Safe2Say' environment it appears to me that the board should hold our administration'and staff accountable.

The board should do its job and the board should call a special meeting to review and prove to the public all the proper protocols were followed, announcing to the public the best methods of keeping their children safe, and how Safe2Say works.

The board should serve the people, protect the students and save the community.


Citizen David F. Bradley Sr.
The diffrence is I believe they did the right thing
But if I find out diffrently I will hold them accountable
But because you and others dont get answers right when you want them you think they are doing something wrong

But like I said before and you dont seem to get
If the cops are not done with their investigation you cant have all the information
It could ruin the investigation one way or another

And you are correct they should have a meeting about to make sure everything is being followed correctly JUST NOT WHILE THE INVESTIGATION IS STILL THE INVESTIGATION STAGE

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