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Lehighton presents academic awards to seniors

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    Lehighton Area High School seniors who were named recipients of the C. Arthur & Elizabeth Walters Hammers Scholarship are, from left, Piper DeMatte, Brandon Schnell, Cain Carpenter and Maura Phelan. They each will receive $4,000 a year for four years. MIKE FEIFEL/TIMES NEWS

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    Recipients of the Blauch Scholarship are, from left, Channel Baez, Skylynn Faust, Alexander Keck and Chelsea Eckhart, with presenter Cindy Blauch. Each student will receive $4,000 to help with tuition.

Published May 18. 2018 12:27PM

Lehighton Area High School recently held its academic awards assembly.

The following students received awards during the assembly.

The Major General and Mrs. Bert A. David Award: Julia Frey, $4,000

Jean Everett Memorial Nursing Scholarship: Erin McGinley, $1,000

Weissport School Reunion Scholarship: Tate Koch, $500

Dylan C. Krum Memorial Scholarship: Lindsey Bowman, $1,000

Gavin L. Krum Memorial Scholarship: Grace Obert, $1,000

Elwood Miller AMVETS Post 106 Scholarship: Rachel Serfass, $250

Beverly Dolgopol Cheerleading Award: Channel Baez, $500

Carbon County Bar Association Scholarships: Amanda Passiglia and Justin Ahner, $500 each

Gregory “Segal” Ebbert Scholarship: Piper DeMatte, Skylynn Faust, Dane Frantz, Alanna Lennox and Erin McGinley, $1,500 each

Bo Tkach Under The Helmet & Hat Scholarship: David Citro, $1,500

Leon Kunkle Memorial Scholarship: Avery Deem, $500

Annual Andy Knappenberger Scholarship: Andy Fogel and Matthew Petit-Clair, $1,000 each

Blauch Scholarship: Channel Baez, Chelsea Eckhart, Skylynn Faust and Alexander Keck, $4,000 each

Dwight D. Eisenhower Award for Outstanding Leader of Character: Syndey Vincent, plaque and invitation to awards recognition day at West Point

Presidential Volunteer Service Award: seniors Felicia Sue Anthony, Jennifer Dobrowski, Greg Venuto and Mary Wilhelm; juniors Addison Howland, Chris Whiteman and Sarah Laible; and freshman Mika Solt

Good Citizenship Award: Grace Obert and Brandon Schnell, certificate

Shull-David Faculty & Staff Scholarships: Michelle Bozilesky, Abigail Howard, Samantha Smalley and Anthony Tavella, $200 each

Shull-David Elementary PTO Scholarship: Dylan Sitarchyk, $100

Matthew D. Depue Indian Pride Band Scholarship: Ashton George, $750

Hunter Meckes Scholarship: Aubrey Blasiak and Patrick Lawler, $500 each

L.E.A.F. (Lehighton Education & Athletic Foundation) Scholarships: Aubrey Blasiak, Grace Obert, Justin Ahner and Alexander Keck, $1,250 each

Dowd Foundation Scholarships: Breanna Hoffner and Amanda Yoder, $1,250 each for two years

Class of 1957 Scholarships: Tate Koch and Patrick Lawler, $2,500 each

Class of 1957 Scholarship in memory of Maureen Markley: Mary Wilhelm, $1,000

Mahoning Valley Ambulance Association Scholarship Awards: Aryana Phillips and Brandon Schnell, $1,000 each

East Penn Elementary Faculty & Staff Scholarship: McKenna Christman, Abigail Howard and Samantha Smalley, $200 each

East Penn PTO Scholarship: Abigail Howard, $100

The Times News Outstanding Journalism Student Award: Breanna Hoffner, $250

Lehighton Area Lioness/Lions Club Award: Felicia Sue Anthony and Zeke Green, $250 each

Class of 1964 Spirit Scholarship: David Citro, $750

Benjamin Wolfe Memorial Scholarship: Cain Carpenter, $1,000

Franklin Elementary PTO Scholarship: Jennifer Dobrowski and Justin Ahner, $100 each

Army Reserve Scholar Athlete Awards: Julia Frey and Cain Carpenter, certificate

USMC Distinguished Athlete Award: Julia Frey and Cain Carpenter, certificate

USMC Scholastic Excellence Award: Alexander Karpowicz, certificate

USMC Semper Fidelis Award for Musical Excellence, Cain Carpenter, certificate

Lehighton Touchdown Club Football Scholarship, Dane Frantz and Nate Petit-Clair, $500 each

Ann & Thomas Conarty Sr. Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Serfass, $100

Lori Markley-Rudelitch Softball Scholarship: Rachel Serfass, $250

Butch Rodgers Softball Scholarship: Rachel Serfass, $1,000

Loretta Q. Bimler Memorial Award: Samantha Smalley, $1,000

St. Luke’s Miners Memorial Hospital Academic Scholarship Awards: Medical Staff, Greg Venuto, $1,000; Board of Trustees, Anthony Tavella, $1,000

St. Luke’s Gnaden Huetten Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Award: Emily Haberman, $500

St. Luke’s Gnaden Huetten Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Volunteer Award: Jordan Lichtenwalner, $500

Fisher Insurance Award: Bryce Smith, $1,500

Lehighton Area Educational Support Personnel Academic and Trade/Technical Scholarship: Academic, Kaitlyn Hunsicker; Trade/Technical, Shae Blasiak, $300 each

Student Council Memorial Award: Dane Frantz, $300

Kreiger Award: Alanna Lennox, $250

Mamie T. Lynaugh Scholarship: Jennifer Dobrowski, $425

FCCLA Award: Ciera Steigerwalt, $300

Gachtin Bambil Award: Josephine Flugger, $150 each

Class of 1928 Leni Award: Breanna Hoffner, $100

Lehighton High School Faculty Award: Stephanie Reph, $900

L.A.E.A. Scholarship In Memory Of Daniel I. Farren: Emily Haberman, $1,000 and Dortie-Mae Knappenberger, $500

Emma S. Krout Award: Alexander Karpowicz, $175

T.J. McCall Memorial Fund Award: Michael Bongiorno, $500

Valley Forge Chapter-Pa Sons of The American Revolution: Michael Bongiorno, medal

Diaz Family Award: Emily Haberman and Shae Blasiak, $500 each

Susan A. Hill Memorial Scholarship: Dane Frantz, $150

Bausch & Lomb Honorary Science Award: Samantha Banning, certificate

Eugene W. Flicker Scholarship: Channel Baez, $250

Paul and Linn Smith Music Award: Amanda Passiglia, $500

Robert L. Balliet Music Scholarship: Grace Obert, $500

Poe Business Award: Kristina Trilli, $500

Women’s Club of Lehighton Art Award: Dortie-Mae Knappenberger, $400

Harry & Doris Hutchison Memorial Scholarship: Mary Wilhelm, $2,000

Franklin Township Lions Club Scholarships: Lily Fasching and Alexander Karpowicz, $1,000 each

Keith J. Henritzy Memorial Award: Mason Neff, $1,000

Justin A. Berger Memorial Award: Josephine Flugger, $ 200

Earle R. Koons Scholarships: Julia Frey, $2,000; Justin Ahner, Lindsey Bowman, Kira Kuehner and Alyssa Matika, $500 each

Mahoning Elementary PTO Awards: Kira Kuehner and Maura Phelan, $200 each

William H. & Sadie S. Long Scholarship: Libby Smith, $1,460

Bowmanstown-Parryville Lions Club Award: Julia Frey, $500

Fraternal Order Of Police Scholarship: Sarah Bradley, $100

Mallard Market Scholarship: Nolan Wentz, $1,000

Class of 2002 Scholarship: Emily Haberman, $102

The Hill Family Scholarship: Jordan Lichtenwalner, $1,500 a year for two years

Lehighton Area Middle School PTO Awards: Savana Serfass and Brandon Schnell, $200 each

Mahoning Township Lions Club Awards: Piper DeMatte and Anthony Tavella, $300 each

Class of 1943 Scholarship: Ashton George, $100

Arby’s Senior Service Award: Molly Mertz, $100

Taco Bell Senior Service Award: Kayla Stubits, $100

Women’s Club of Lehighton Award, Aubrey Blasiak and Joseph Petit-Clair, $400 each

Marion V. Decker Award, Lindsey Bowman and Matthew Petit-Clair, $500 each

Fraternal Order Orioles Nest 183 Lehighton Scholarships: Savannah Buchinsky, Ashley Meyer and Bryce Smith, $500 each

Lehigh Fire Co. 1 Scholarships: Jennifer Dobrowski and Alivia Paules, $1,000 each

Pepsi Award: Alexander Karpowicz, $500

C. Arthur & Elizabeth Walters Hammers Scholarship: Cain Carpenter, Piper DeMatte, Maura Phelan and Brandon Schnell, $4,000 a year for four years

Dr. Roland Wotring Scholarship: Michael Bongiorno, Thera Hibbler, Alexander Karpowicz and Rachel Serfass, $2,500 a year for four years

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